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June 16, 2008

Heidi klum And Seal In New York

What a shock, a husband and wife kissing, is it such a big deal that they are affectionate with each other? No. Yet it is written about as if it is important. I sometimes do wonder about those who watch celebrities, not the people who are just interested, but the ones who are REALLY interested. The ones who follow them to the store, and take pictures of them with their kids, and then comment on what the kids are wearing and how cute they look... that's obsessive.

Heidi Klum And Seal Are So Cute!
By gossipmonkey
Hot model Heidi Klum and her hot hubby Seal were caught smooching yesterday in New York City. They seem like a really great couple. Unlike Heidi and Spencer certain other celebrity couples, they are probably not posing for the paparazzi ...

Heidi Klum Kicks Back and Yet STILL Looks Gorgeous
By Chrissie
Here is Heidi Klum hanging out in New York City with her number one fan, four year old daughter Leni. Heidi is going uber casual in straight legged denim jeans paired with a pretty linen white top. Her hair it seems she has paid little ...

Heidi Klum and Seal Pucker Up
By Dolphin Queen
And earlier today, Heidi Klum and Seal were spotted smooching on the street in New York City. The “Kiss From a Rose” singer got a kiss from his German supermodel wife as he left a New York City apartment on his way to the airport, ...

Get a move on, mom! Henry Samuel and Heidi Klum go to lunch
By Sarah, Staff Editor
Henry Samuel, 2 ½, tried to get mom Heidi Klum to cross the street a little faster while on a trip to McDonald's on Friday, June 13th. The model, 35, took her children (including Leni, 4, and Johan, 18 months), out for lunch after ...

Heidi Klum and Family
By Celebs and Bubs(Celebs and Bubs)
Heidi in Manhattan with her mum Erna, daughter Leni and sons Henry and Johan. source.

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