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June 13, 2008

Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz Expecting Twins

Pete Wentz let it slip in a radio interview that he and Ashlee Simpson are expecting twins. He did it by referring to the unborn baby as, "them."

What he actually said was, "We've been keeping a book so far, like a journal for them - for them   when they're, uh, born." The 29-year-old musician then started laughing   nervously before wrapping up the interview.

Pete Wentz has hinted he and wife Ashlee Simpson are expecting twins
The Fall Out Boy rocker accidentally let the news slip during an interview on a US radio show when he referred to his unborn baby as "them". ...

No delivery surprise for Pete Wentz
Celebrity Baby Blog - Forest Hills,NY,USA
... if Pete Wentz gets his way there will be no dramatic pause as he and wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz learn whether they are parents to a boy or to a girl. ...

Pete Wentz Reveals Ashlee Simpson Is Having Twins!!!
By noreply@blogger.com (confessing7girl)
Pete Wentz made a big revelation today… wife Ashlee Simpson is expecting twins!! Well Pete didn’t say it but he talked about the baby in plural! Of course Pete might have missed those classes in school where they taught you the ...

Is Ashlee Simpson Having Twins?
By Tracy Pepey
Pete Wentz sent the blogs into a fury yesterday, when he spoke about new wife Ashlee Simpson's pregnancy on a Phoenix radio show. While talking about preparing for the parenthood, Pete said that he and Ash "have been keeping a journal ...

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Ashlee and Pete are not having twins they said it on the Daily 10 and Pete even said it himself that he and ashlee are not excpecting twins

Posted by: Alessandra | Jun 15, 2008 2:31:45 AM

Dats kinda cute...i like the couple as such though hope they dont come out wid an album together :P Now Ashlee is apparently being reduced to tears thanks to Pete's never ending pranks. Join planetradiocity.com for all the infor about your fav singing star and also meet others who share your kinda music.

Posted by: Ridhima | Jul 2, 2008 1:31:17 PM