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June 02, 2008

Alisha Dean Causes Another Victim To Be Jailed

A 22 year old man, Morris Williams, has been sentenced to  a year in jail and five years probation after having sex with 13-year-old Alisha Dean who told him she was 18. This isn't the first time  that Alisha has done this, in January of 2007, Darwin Mills, 24, was sentenced to five years for sexual battery with the then-twelve-year-old Alisha.

News reports say that Morris Williams had sex with Dean when he thought she was of legal age, but when her behavior tipped him off that she may have been younger than she said, he went to Dean's father who told Williams his daughter was only 13. Dean's father then called the police.

Alisha Dean had advertised herself on her Myspace page as 19 and divorced. Her page, which was only taken down after the conviction was described as having footage of Dean dancing and "shaking her womanly booty like she's working the pole."

May 21, 2008 ... Morris Williams, 22, and Darwin Mills, 24, are both in jail for having sex with   Alisha Dean, 13 - but her Myspace said she was an adult.

Orange County, FL - That’s what Morris Williams said. . Alisha had told Williams,22,   she was 18. Her Myspace said she was 19 and divorced.

This is Alisha Dean's public search listing on Facebook. Alisha's friends can   view photos, videos and more. Everyone can join Facebook.

Include a message with your link request (optional). To: Alisha Dean. (close).   Message ... Listen to a playlist of Alisha's Music ...

Williams, 22, went to see Alisha Dean’s father, Jerry Dean, after several dates   with Alisha. Alisha had told Morris Williams she was 18. ...

"Have you ever viewed the myspace page of alisha dean?" *, "I would like to know   the link for alisha dean in myspace." ...

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The father of Alisha Dean should be ashamed of himself. He's as much of pience of shit as she is! He proved to his daughter that it is okay for her to lie and have sex with whoever she wants because they are going to support her. Mr. Williams had the decency to come to him when he found out the truth and how does he repay him for his honesty, throws him in jail. The family openly admits their trashy slut daughter is out of control and her myspace page still reflects that she's a divorced 19 year old. Alisha should be the one sitting in jail. Shame on the prosecution and the judge for lying fault with the wrong party. Our judicial system at work once again!! Her parents should be locked up for condoning her behavior. Parents keep your sons warned about this tramp. Everyone is fair game to this rashy family!!

Posted by: Jenny | Jun 4, 2008 6:22:18 PM