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May 02, 2008

Sean Bell

Sean Bell's another who has been badly served by the law: this time a combination of both the law enforcement communty and the law itself.

Bell and friends were subject to a hail of at least 50 shots by police at a traffic stop. Bell died.

The police just got aquitted. Nice to know that hours before your wedding you can get killed by the cops and nothing happens to them, eh?

Friday faceoff: Acquittal in Sean Bell case promotes sense of ...
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - Rochester,NY,USA
Sean Bell and his friends were leaving a strip club hours before his marriage, a club under surveillance by undercover police officers due to suspected ...

Bell cop attorney ripped Diallo cops
New York Daily News - New York,NY,USA
BY NICOLE BODE The lawyer for one of the cops acquitted in the Sean Bell shooting wrote a brief in 2000 urging the feds to go after the police officers who ...

New York New York – US can't point fingers
The Nation Newspaper - Bridgetown,St. Michael,Barbados
The homeowner was thinking of Nicole Bell, the woman Sean Bell, 23, was going to marry on the morning of November 25, 2006, when he was killed by cops. ...

Aftermath—Sean Bell
Amsterdam News - Baltimore,MD,USA
The initial community reaction to the police acquittals in the killing of Sean Bell on his wedding day, November 25, 2006, has been more than predictable: ...

Feds called to investigate Bell
Amsterdam News - Baltimore,MD,USA
Friday’s verdict acquitting all three NYPD officers charged in the death of Sean Bell has prompted some governmental officials to step in. ...

Sean Bell Was Victimized Twice
Black Star News - New York,NY,USA
By Tony Richards Quick, what are the first and last names of the three officers acquitted in the killing of Sean Bell? I’ll give you a few seconds… Give up? ...

Reaction to Bell verdict
Amsterdam News - Baltimore,MD,USA
by HERB BOYD Reaction to the acquittal of the detectives in the shooting death of Sean Bell and the wounding of his friends has been as widespread as it has ...

Ya Heard: Bell verdict stuns hip-hop community
Inside NoVA - Prince William,VA,USA
The hip-hop community has been shaken to its core in the wake of last week's "not guilty" verdict in the Sean Bell case. Among other charges, two of the ...

US Reps Meet With Bell Entourage
Queens Chronicle - Rego Park,NY,USA
by Matt Hampton, Editor Family and friends of Sean Bell met with a group of federal legislators on Monday to determine the next step in what they think ...

Sean Bell Protesters Clog Midtown During Rally
NEW YORK (CBS) ― Protesters angry over the acquittal of three detectives in the shooting of Sean Bell are planning more demonstrations after a large ...

Remember the Sean Bell shooting? 50 bullets? Ya, cops are innocent
 By Delete France
[quote user="Nory"]. Delete France: Because there were by far more then 10 rounds let off before the threat has been eliminated. When one person is on the ground incapacitated....the threat is done, no need to keep shooting. ...
USPolitics - http://forums.myspace.com/73.aspx?fuseaction=forums.viewforum

The Game Calls Out NYers Over Sean Bell Verdict
 By Mr Xclusive
The Game's hard-hitting track, "911 Is A Joke," has been widely circulating the net over last few days, recorded in direct response to the recent Sean Bell verdict. The controversial West Coast rapper hit the airwaves yesterday (April ...
All In One Forum - http://www.allinoneforum.com

David Banner Sounds Off On Sean Bell, Bush, Black Leaders & More!
 By Mr Xclusive
It doesn’t seem like the Sean Bell situation is going away quietly. While the internet has been lit ablaze with frustrated bloggers, journalists and artists, David Banner was the latest to air out his frustrations with not only the ...
All In One Forum - http://www.allinoneforum.com

Sean Bell’s Family Receives Harassing Phone Calls Following ...
 By divawidfevah
For some it seems as though it’s not enough that William & Valerie Bell had to bury their beloved son at the ripe age of 23; or that Bell’s fiance’ Nicole Paultre-Bell wound up planning her future husband’s funeral on what should have ...
HicktownPress - http://www.hicktownpress.com

On The Radio: Sean Bell and Other Things
 By [email protected] (Jay Smooth)
Will get back on the video grind in a minute, but in the meantime here are some clips from the radio show, me and my co-host G Man yapping at length about the Sean Bell verdict and other issues.. plus (the good part) a bunch of music ...
Ill Doctrine - http://www.illdoctrine.com/

Sean Bell Verdict (Breaking News) | New York City Metblogs
All detectives were judged Not Guilty in the death of the Sean Bell case. This was    decided in Kew Gardens Queens just moments ago. More to come as it is.

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