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March 05, 2008

Nikki McKibbin

Nikki McKibbin was the first of the American Idol contestants who had worked as a srtipper: all the way back before season one.

Third-place finisher Nikki McKibbin from the first "Idol" season briefly worked as stripper before the show, according to Joe Cannizzaro, president of McKibbin's record label, Chenoa Music. Like Hernandez, McKibbin wasn't dismissed from the show when her history as a stripper was publicly revealed -- nor was it disclosed on the show.

So it would be a little unfair to throw David Hernandez off when Nikki McKibben wasn't:

Between the Molly Ringwald dance moves and singing that would make Ashlee Simpson wince, "rocker" Nikki McKibbin's "Always Something There to Remind Me" is a complete and utter disaster. The arrangement certainly doesn't help (nothing says "hard rock" like bad drum programming and an inexplicable "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going"-style Vegas breakdown, right?), but the performance truly crosses the line in its final moments, when the single mom panders for votes by pimping her son
accepting a rose from her kid. Even Paula hates it.

As the show itself says about McKibbin:

He said, "We're never judgmental about what people do to earn a living. They've got to put food in people's mouths." Also mentioned, and since removed, was the never revealed stripping past of first season contestant Nikki McKibbin, as well as an expanded explanation for Frenchie Davis' dismissal in 2003.

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