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March 30, 2008

Lindsay Lohan in "Manson Girls"

Lindsay Lohan has landed a role in the upcoming movie "Manson Girls". She'll play a loyal follower of Charles Manson.

Manson himself is still in jail: he was conviced of the murder of, amongst others, Sharon Tate, the then heavily pregnant wife of Roman Polanski. Essentially, he was a sociopathic murderer and he had a hypnosis like hold over his followers.

Another oddity is that he had a hit record with a cover version of The Beatles' "Helter Skelter".

Lindsay Lohan One Of The 'manson Girls'
CKFR - Kelowna,BC,Canada
Lindsay Lohan will play a loyal member of Charles Manson's "family" in the new film, Manson Girls, E! News reports. Producer Brad Wyman confirms that Lohan ...
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Lindsay Lohan's dad not happy about 'Manson' role
DailyIndia.com - Jacksonville,FL,USA
Washington, Mar 29: Lindsay Lohan's dad Michael Lohan is not too happy about the fact that his daughter will be playing a devotee of Charles Manson on the ...
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Lindsay Lohan Gets Role In “Manson Girls”
CMR - Arlington,TX,USA
Los Angeles (CMR) - According to reports, Lindsay Lohan is set to appear in Manson Girls. E! Online reports that the 21-year-old entertainer will be playing ...
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St. Louis crews helped 'Meet Bill' filmmakers weather storms
St. Louis Post-Dispatch - MO, United States
The day before the cameras were set to roll, the production lost co-star Lindsay Lohan, who essentially declared that she was too big a star to work with ...
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Lindsay wants to be Kylie
Daily Telegraph - Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
By Jonathon Moran Troubled Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan wants to emulate Kylie Minogue's chart success. Lohan has attempted to make it in the music world ...
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Lindsey Lohan Joins Charlie Manson
ReelzChannel.com - Los Angeles,CA,USA
Online has revealed that paparazzi-darling party girl Lindsay Lohan has joined the cast of a movie about famed whack job Charles Manson. ...
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Lindsay Lohan Cast in Manson Girls
Lindsay Lohan has signed on to star as Nancy Pitman, once a loyal member of Charles Manson"s not-so-merry band, in the movie Manson Girls. The film"s producer, Brad Wyman of Junction Films, confirmed the casting " "Yes, ...
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BFTP Album: Lindsay Lohan - Speak (2004)
 By POPtastic! (Jessica)(POPtastic! (Jessica))
01. First 02. Nobody 'Til You 03. Symptoms Of You 04. Speak 05. Over 06. Something I Never Had 07. Anything But Me 08. Disconnected 09. To Know Your Name 10. Very Last Moment In Time 11. Rumors (Bonus Track) Download: Speak Credit: INT.
POPtastic! - http://purepop5.blogspot.com/

Lindsay Lohan is a Manson Girl!
 By H.A.R.
Lindsay Lohan hasn't had a good year so far ... maybe this upcoming role will turn her luck! Lindsay is going to join the cast of a crazy movie; she's going to be a Manson girl in the movie Manson Girls. Lilo will play Nancy Pitman, ...
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wanna know what's really weird? Manson is releasing a new album from jail


Posted by: zab | Apr 2, 2008 11:10:11 PM