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March 01, 2008

J Lo Twins Named Max and Emme

J Lo's twins ....the anmes have been release. Max and Emme.

Sideshow: J.Lo's twins racked up costs prenatally
Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia,PA,USA
22, J.Lo delivered her twins in a $175000-a-week luxury suite at the hospital. Since she had decided to keep the room reserved for weeks in advance, J.Lo ...
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Report: It's Max and Emme for J. Lo and Marc Antony
Staten Island Advance - SILive.com - Staten Island,NY,USA
The babies arrived a day after both their parents were named as winners of Latin music's "Premio Lo Nuestro" awards. Lopez won this year's award for best ...
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J.Lo Baby Names Announced
E! Online - USA
J.Lo and Marc Anthony's newborn twins are—sweetly, simply—named Max and Emme, Lopez's manager, Simon Fields, confirmed to People Friday. ...
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Should J.Lo register for pricey baby gifts? No.
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
The rich are not like us, so why do they have to act like us when it comes to registering for gifts? Case in point: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony hoped to ...
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HairMixer.com: Try J-Lo or Brad Pitt's Hair On You
Appscout - New York,NY,USA
Every season, I try and do something different with my hair. This winter I added red highlights. Last fall I had sweeping bangs. Spring is just around the ...
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Baby Gifts Pouring in for J.Lo and Marc
People Magazine - USA
... and blue embroidery were used respectively on the 100 percent cotton carriers and that they "were purchased from us as gifts for both J.Lo and Marc. ...
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Star Told You First! J.Lo's Baby Names Revealed
Star Magazine - New York,NY,USA
Back in January we told you that J.Lo's mother, Guadelupe, had bought ID bracelets for the as-yet-unborn tykes, bearing the names Max and Emme from a ...
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J-Lo spends $1.4m to give birth
Daily Telegraph - Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
J-Lo and her husband Marc Anthony's whopping bill includes $700000 to reserve a luxurious birthing suite at the hospital. Britain's Daily Mail newspaper ...
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www.thedailygoss.com - London,UK
And news has hit us that some eavesdroppers at the hospital where J-Lo gave birth say they heard the new mum calling her little ‘uns…….wait for it… ...
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Baby Gifts Are Pouring In For J-Lo
 By [email protected]
It looks like J-Lo’s family and friends are in the same frame of mind…People is reporting that the twins have received tons of pillows with their names embroidered on them and that someone has also went out and [...]
I'm Not Obsessed - Celebrity... - http://www.imnotobsessed.com

J-Lo's Official Baby Names!!!
 By Mr Paparazzi(Mr Paparazzi)
Earlier in the week <a target="_blank" href="http://www.ripe.com/upi/photo.html">we told you</a> J-Lo had been overheard calling her new arrivals Maximiano and Emelina, Max and Emme for short and yesterday <em>People</em> magazine ...
Mr Paparazzi's Blog - http://www.mrpaparazzi.com/

J. Lo reveals babies’ names
 By Rachel
J. Lo’s twins are just a few days old, but they’re already the subject of much adulation. Gifts have been pouring in from celeb friends and baby companies, including personalized baby carriers. Speaking of names, J. ...
Celebrific - http://www.celebrific.com

J-Lo’s Twins Shall Be Max and Emme
 By bumpshack
Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony have told the rest of the world what they named their boy and girl twins born last Friday. Baby boy is Max and baby girl is Emme according to People magazine. The new parents welcomed their son ...
Bumpshack.com - http://bumpshack.com

J.Lo’s Twins: Their names are…
J.Lo’s Twins: Their names are…
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very interesting that she would name them Max and Emme, that's the name of the brother and sister cartoon characters in the popular English-Spanish cartoon Dragontales that appears on PBS stations.

Posted by: akak | Mar 7, 2008 5:37:34 PM