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March 10, 2008

Baby Diaper Moustache

The Baby Diaper Moustache...here's the video:

And here are the reactions to the baby diaper moustache.

Baby Diaper Moustache
 By Craig
I don’t really need to put a description here. Opie and Anthony present, “Baby Diaper Moustache.” There is potty-mouth language and the real possibility that you will dry heave, and/or throw up. ...
FilteringCraig - http://www.filteringcraig.com/

Baby diaper mustache
 By lazlow(mellowvision)
Friday I had the pleasure of sitting in on Opie and Anthony's national radio show, in which Opie declared he would make a mustache out of the insides of a baby diaper if someone showed up with one in the next hour and a half. ...
Lazlow Home - http://www.lazlow.com/index.php

baby diaper mustache
 By admin
Save My Link.com - http://www.savemylink.com

Baby Diaper Mustache...
It's like a dirty sanchez...with a babies diaper...Opie from the Opie & Anthony show boasts that if anyone stopped by their studio with a dirty baby diaper, he would make a mustache with it...
So Smart Your Stupid - http://sosmartyourstupid.blogspot.com/

baby diaper mustache
 By Samantha MEHTA(Samantha MEHTA)
Hot baby diaper mustache video.
Great Rank It Step - http://greatrankitstep.blogspot.com/

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