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March 12, 2008

7 Deadly Sins

The Vatican has updated the list of the 7 deadly sins. Well, sorta, they don't replace the old list of 7 deadly sins, rather, they reinterpret them for the modern age.

The seven deadly sins of tech
Globe and Mail - Canada
Surely there are counterparts in the high-tech world to the original seven deadly sins that were defined by Pope Gregory the Great in the sixth century: ...
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Vatican’s new seven deadly sins
Hindustan Times - India
The Catholic Church on Sunday updated the 1500-year-old list of seven deadly sins, publishing the new list in the Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano. ...
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For Mumbai, the new seven deadly sins have been a long time coming
Daily News & Analysis - Mumbai,India
The Seven Deadly Sins have just got a 21st Century upgrade. The Vatican announced on Monday that there would be seven new members to add to the damned list. ...
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Wrath, Lust, and Littering? The New Seven Deadly Sins
ABC News - USA
By JOHN BERMAN Wrath and lust are two biggies on the list of the "seven deadly sins" proclaimed by Pope Gregory in the 6th century, and made famous by Dante ...
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The Seven Deadly Offset Credits
SitNews - Ketchikan,AK,USA
By Daryl Cagle The Vatican just announced a brand new, modern set of seven deadly sins to supplant the old seven sins which have grown pretty tired through ...
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Catholic church revises deadly sin list
ABC Online - Australia
PETER CAVE: The Catholic Church's Seven Deadly Sins are about to be given a makeover. With the number of people going to confession in steep decline, ...
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The Vatican revamps list of the "seven deadly sins"
WSBT-TV - South Bend,IN,USA
... Archbishop Girotti said he thought the most dangerous areas for committing new types of sins lay in the fields of bio-ethics and ecology. ...
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Seven sensationalist sins
GetReligion - Washington,DC,USA
To the 1342 readers (give or take a few) who sent us variations on the “Seven Deadly Sins” stories being published everywhere — we heard you. ...
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The Seven Deadly Sins in Home Staging
TransWorldNews (press release) - Monroe,GA,USA
Here is a few of the Seven Deadly Sins of Staging according to Accredited Home Staging Council. For a free report on all 7 the deadly sins visit ...
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Vatican's seven social sins draw mixed response
Eagle Tribune - North Andover,MA,USA
The new sins are in addition to the seven deadly sins, and could someday be added to the Ten Commandments. Some local people are split on the change, ...
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The 7 Deadly Sins of Running
 By Casey McGuire
7) Yeah, I missed a couple in there, but I have good reason. None of these sins are real. This guy has an interval running site, and wants people to buy into his bull s*#t. It is nothing more than a promotional scam. ...
Runonearth.com » Trail Running... - http://runonearth.com

The 7 Deadly Sins Omitted by the Catholic Church
 By Editor
Like the gnostic gospels and little league baseball, there are some things the Catholic Church tries to ignore - but late at night, when the mood strikes them, there is no avoiding. The 7 Deadly Sins Omitted by the Catholic Church after ...
CO-ED Magazine - http://www.coedmagazine.com

GMS presents: Seven Deadly Sins - The New Vatican Mixtape
 By Ass Hat(Ass Hat)
it's 2008, and the vatican has stepped its game up. it last published a list of seven deadly sins in the sixth century. since then, biggie and 2pac have passed away, australia has had an olympics, and akon has taken over the airwaves. ...
galactic mystery solvers - http://galacticmysterysolvers.blogspot.com/

Seven Deadly Sins
 By Mind Booster Noori(Mind Booster Noori)
Let me remind you that Pope Gregory I was the first to name the "seven deadly sins": Superbia, Avaritia, Luxuria, Invidia, Gula, Ira, Acedia. 15 centuries after, it seems that the Vatican now wants to change from this seven sins for ...
Mind Booster Noori - http://mindboosternoori.blogspot.com/

The new seven deadly sins
 By Jim Lippard(debater)
The Catholic Church has announced a new updated list of seven deadly sins for the twenty-first century, which are: 1. accumulating obscene wealth 2. polluting the environment 3. genetic engineering 4. drug dealing 5. abortion ...
The Secular Outpost - http://secularoutpost.blogspot.com/

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