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February 23, 2008

Lisa Lynette Clark

Lisa Lynette Clark is another of these rather strange women who seem to find adolescent males sexually attractive. It's something I really don't understand: other than their inveterate horniness there's not all that much to recommend them and we've got drugs to deal with that now anyway, the lack of it in older men.

Lisa Lynette Clark will walk out of Metro State Prison a free woman on Friday. The 15-year-old boy she married in late 2005 is now 17 and their child is 2 years old. Clark and her husband can legally be together now that he's 17. But his grandmother, Judy Hayles, who's been against the union from the start, said the teenager is ambivalent. Hayles said he is currently living in Texas with his mother. “He's confused about the situation, and I think he wants her for the sex part of it. He’d like her to get a job and support him. But he also likes his private life with his girlfriends, of which he has numerous ones,” she said.

I get what was in it for him: at 15 getting enough sex ("enough" being defined as as much as is physically possible) is pretty much the only preoccupation. Now that he's a little older finding it is a great deal easier and it might be that Lisa Lynette Clark will find herself securely on the shelf.

Lisa Lynette Clark, a Georgia woman who married a 15-year-old boy and later had his child, was released from prison Friday.

Clark finished a two-year prison sentence after pleaded guilty in Douglas County to aiding her teenage husband's flight out of state in February 2006. The teenager, who was on probation for a burglary and was in a group home in DeKalb County, was caught in Ohio and returned to Georgia.

The teen had been on probation for a burglary. Authorities caught him within two weeks and brought him back to Georgia.

In 2006 Clark spent nine months in jail after pleading guilty in Hall County to statutory rape, stemming from her relationship with the teen she married.

This particular relationship seems not to have brought her much luck, anyway. Two jail sentences from the same guy? Most give up after one really:

Lisa Lynette Clark was released from the Metro State Prison in south DeKalb County, Ga., before 10 a.m. Friday. Officials with the state Department of Corrections said Clark was to report immediately to the probation office in Douglas County. That's where she pleaded guilty to aiding her teenage husband's flight out of state in February 2006. The teen had been on probation for a burglary. Authorities caught him within two weeks and brought him back to Georgia. Officials said she is banned from Hall and Dawson counties.

Ahh, Lisa Lynette Clark's sentences actually ran concurrently: rather than consecutively. So she didn't get any extra time inside:

Lisa Lynette Clark, who was 37 when she married the 15-year-old, was sentenced on a charge of hindering the apprehension of the teenager after he escaped from a juvenile home in DeKalb County in February 2006. The boy was later apprehended in Ohio.

Clark's sentence ran concurrent with the nine-month prison term she received in Hall County after she pleaded guilty to the statutory rape of the boy, whom she married in the driveway of a retired judge's home in November 2005. She was arrested days later.

And yes, of course there's a book about Lisa Lynette:

Lisa Lynette Clark was released from prison Friday, just as a steamy new book was released detailing her relationship with a 14-year-old neighbor and later marriage to him.

The 191-page book, ghost written by Jennifer Grant, while Clark was behind bars, paints a torrid picture of a sex-crazed woman in love with a man 22 years her junior.

The book — "Betrayed: The True Story of Lisa Lynette Clark" — will be available at Outwrite Bookstore in midtown Atlanta next week for $14.99. Clark was not paid for the rights to her story, publisher Shelly Grant said.

Until Clark talks publicly, the book provides graphic insight into the taboo relationship that garnered national attention in 2005.

Most of the book is too explicit to reprint. But it includes several more mundane letters Clark sent to her husband. The Atlanta-Journal Constitution is not naming her husband because he is the victim of sexual assault.

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Lisa is crazy she never be a real mother to sky. She married Adrian and left her (at the time) other (3) children. She had no concern for her other children only of her sexual factices. The baby in question was not the first time she was pregnant with Adrian’s child, the first was a miscarriage before they where married. What kind of mother would leave her other 3 children for sex? A sick women like Lisa that's who. Everyone in Lisa's family is a pedophile just like her. That's where she learned it from. This was not the only boy she rapped the other was also a friend of her son. If she got the baby back she would teach him to rape young girls and boys too! She would rape her own son. In the book Adrian gets off on Lisa feeding him baby food while wearing a diaper, and then they have sex like he's a baby. Normal people don't pretend to be babies and have sex with their partners. So your right Adrian and Lisa belong together they are both sick. If you haven't you read the book you should! Keep your children close to you there are plenty of Lisa Clarks out there waiting to be with your child.

Posted by: S. | Apr 19, 2008 8:50:48 PM