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February 20, 2008

Gene Simmons Sex Tape

The Gene Simmons Sex Tape has made it's appearance: you do have to wonder whether these things are made for self-promotional purposes or out of sheer stupidity. Still, here's more on the Gene Simmons Sex Tape:

Is there a Gene Simmons sex tape?  The answer may be yes as a person that is supposedly the star of the rock band Kiss unleashes the tongue on someone that apparently is not his longtime love Shannon Tweed in a video that is being promoted online.  The trailer is leaking out all over the Internet and soon the full-length version will likely be available.

The full version? Is that the one with the extended guitar solo in it?

"Watch the sex tape Gene doesn't want you to see," GenesSecret.com promises. The website purportedly hosts a NSFW sex tape of Kiss frontman Gene Simmons. Leave aside the question of whether anyone wants to see Simmons in flagrante. Does Simmons himself really object to the site? Nothing revives the Q factor of an aging rocker like a bit of scandal. Since he's no longer recording, just touring, he doesn't have a skittish label to appease.

Amusingly, the backing track to the Gene Simmons sex tape is actually Foreigner. And goods news for he gentleman who got a little confused, not it's not a Richard Simmons sex tape, thank the Lord.

Like we don't have enough celebrity sex tape scandals, the latest number to start circulating online is the Gene Simmons sex tape. If you are willing to pay the $10 membership, today you could enjoy watching the Kiss legend Gene Simmons with a blonde woman, who is claimed to be an Australian model by the name of Elisa, promoting Frank's Energy Drink. According to rumors, the two met while working on a promo for the named energy drink and things got heated.

I guess there's energy drinks and energy drinks then, eh?

Kiss legend Gene Simmons is furious over a sex tape that is circulating the internet, allegedly showing him having sex with a woman who is not his longtime partner Shannon Tweed. Tweed and Simmons have been dating since 1985 (although never married) and have two children together.

Gene Simmons is indeed insisting that the man in the sex tape is not in fact himself.

Mine eyes! OK, if you thought that Paris Hilton rolling around in a champagne glass yesterday was the least sexy thing since Anne Widdecombe started penning racy novels, then get ready for the Gene Simmons sex tape.

Now that is unfair, comparing it all to Anne Widdecombe! Still even Rolling Stone is reporting it so it must be true:

A website called GenesSecret.com claims it has unearthed a sex tape featuring KISS bassist Gene Simmons and a woman identified as a spokesmodel for an energy drink Simmons reportedly endorses.

Given that Gene's actually 58 (or more perhaps?) you'd have to hope they didn't need to many reshoots.

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i assume Simmons has the usual rock star complement of tattoes. are any on display in the video?.

Posted by: honeyrose | Feb 21, 2008 3:36:54 PM

I felt queasy when Mick gyrated during the Superbowl half time show a few years back. Thinking about Gene in a sex video makes me feel queasy times a bazillion. Bleh.

Posted by: Violet | Feb 21, 2008 4:55:03 PM

No way I'm watching the video to find out if its him. Seems to me that his denial will ensure the searing of many retinas during the process of verification. But will their owners buy the tape?

Posted by: erranttv | Feb 21, 2008 6:46:26 PM

I just read a hilarious book on the guys from KISS called KISS & Tell.

Posted by: Sheryl | Feb 22, 2008 9:39:26 PM

To be honest, I saw the trailers and opted not to view the 'full Monty'!

Have to say that you can really see it's him! I do believe it's Gene.

I needed something to soothe my aching stomach though...not a pretty sight to see Gene with his pants down! I am disillusioned.

Am curious to know how Shannon and the kids will deal with this.

Will Gene change his ways from here on in? Or, will he be more stealthy about his escapades?

Gene outta give up on the gross side of the rock 'n roll lifestyle.

You know it was bound to happen at some point. You just know it. He can't always silence these women with shut-up cash.

Good luck Gene!

Posted by: HL | Feb 23, 2008 12:24:34 PM

Haha I just want to see if he uses his tounge for oral lol

Posted by: xkre8x | Feb 23, 2008 1:03:49 PM

Well, I just watched some of the tape and first off, he is all hype as I suspected. Not well endowed and very lame in bed. Jumps on this poor girl like a hairy gorilla and tries to kiss her and is met with several turns of the head like a woman being raped. He is a wretched old obnoxious money hungry creep.

Posted by: Joe | Feb 24, 2008 6:51:06 PM

Gene Simmons--- May you rot in bloody hell, while snorting your snots serendipitously thru the straw that is up your ass.........

Posted by: Shanksta | Mar 10, 2008 2:40:37 AM

wow.. Gene Simmons homemade hard sex footage ...H.e.R.e...
his bitch so lustful

Posted by: raewer | May 19, 2008 3:56:33 AM