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February 25, 2008

Edison Chen Retires!

Edison Chen has announced that he will retire from Hong Kong's entertainment scene after the furore about his relationships with various actresses. Here's how the newspapers have been reporting this development in the Edison Chen story:

Edison Chen Announces Retirement After Sex Scandal
andPOP - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Canadian-born actor Edison Chen apologized for his sex scandal in Hong Kong yesterday, and announced his retirement from their entertainment scene. ...
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Celebrity Gossip: Jolin Tsai's gaffe, Gillian Chung mobbed in ...
Shanghaiist - Shanghai,China
Last week, pictures of a woman with an uncanny resemblance to her surfaced during the Edison Chen scandal and this time, she refers to Hong Kong as a ...
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Lust knows no end in Hong Kong
Asia Times Online - Kowloon,Hong Kong
Those are the big, career-stopping rhetorical questions for Edison Chen, the 27-year-old actor and singer at the center of Hong Kong's juiciest-ever sex ...
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Men advised to get HPV vaccination
China Post - Taipei,Taiwan
But the man most needed to be so vaccinated, still another gynecologist quipped, is Edison Chen, a Hong Kong actor who took most of the widely circulated ...
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Chen attracts applause - and doubts
South China Morning Post (subscription) - Hong Kong
Edison Chen Koon-hei's apology yesterday and decision to quit the city's entertainment industry won general support among netizens and parent groups. ...
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Armorize Technologies: Crimes use "Edison Chen's nude photos" as a ...
Men's News Daily - Guerneville,CA,USA
Even though Edison Chen claimed to quit the entertainment industry in Hong Kong, but the (photo) scandal showed another crisis on information security ...
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Hong Kong's Edison Chen quits after sex scandal
Reuters Canada - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
By James Pomfret HONG KONG (Reuters) - Hong Kong singer and actor Edison Chen said on Thursday he would step away from the Hong Kong entertainment industry ...
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Hong Kong actor Edison Chen quits business after sex photo scandal
Xinhua - China
21 (Xinhua) -- Hong Kong entertainer Edison Chen said on Thursday he was quitting show business indefinitely after admitting here that he had taken the ...
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Edison Chen Scandals - Police handling and privacy rights ??
Outside of the realm of the gossip reporting, an interesting debate over Internet rights and the Hong Kong police's handling of the scandal has emerged. Concerns over the police's ability to deal with cyber crimes first arose when they ...
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Edison Chen Scandals - The Biggest Scandals in Hong Kong ???
 By blukor01(blukor01)
Edison Chen, a popular singer, actor and TV host in Asia, was hoping American audiences would discover him when Christopher Nolan's newest installment in the Batman series, "The Dark Knight" is released in the United States sometime ...
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On Edison Chen leaked photos scandal saga
I think that it is over-rated and over-publicised.Many blogs, online news site and even the main stream newspapers are covering this saga again and again. The saga even made to small talks in the office pantry and became a hot lunch ...
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 By Scott Macaulay(Webmaster)
I try to keep up with celebrity scandal just as much as the next guy, so I was taken aback at the Spirit Award after party when a producer friend said, shocked, "You haven't heard about Edison Chen?" No, actually, I hadn't, ...
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Edison Chen Again
I had a horrible feeling trawling through the gossip sites covering the Edison Chen photo scandal - particularly Hollywood Grind which is now on my must-read list though not on my feeds - that maybe Edison Chen didn’t exist. ...
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