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February 27, 2008

Carmen Kontur Gronquist Loses

We've written before here about Carmen Kontur Gronquist and thought that it was all something of a storm in a tea cup. Apparently the voters of Arlington don't agree, as they've just voted against her in the recall election.

The Arlington mayor whose risque Web photo garnered international attention was recalled in a close election Monday.

Residents of the Columbia River town voted 142-139 to recall Carmen Kontur-Gronquist. The ouster took effect Tuesday, Arlington city officials said.

"I knew it was going to be close, but I didn't think it was going to be that close," Kontur-Gronquist said Tuesday afternoon.

Recall backers faulted Kontur-Gronquist's handling of water and sewer problems, all but closing the money-losing municipal golf course, and how City Council meetings were conducted.

But it was the disclosure this winter of a photo of the fit 42-year-old posing on a city firetruck in a black bra and underpants posted to her MySpace page that turned the town topsy-turvy.

The reason the photos were first put up?

The mayor of an Oregon town who once stripped to her underwear and posed on a fire truck has been stripped of her office.

Voters in this town of about 500 voted narrowly Monday to recall Carmen Kontur-Gronquist. The tally was 142-139. City officials said the recall is effective Tuesday.

Kontur-Gronquist said the pictures of her in black bra and panties were taken for use in a contest about fitness, but a relative posted them on MySpace in hopes it would improve the social life of the single mother.

And the recall election? Those photos were, according to one comment I got, covering up something else:

I went to school in Arlington and know most of the people there. The truth is Mayor Gronquist brought the budget back in line after the previous administration got the city caught up in owning a golf course.

So the new mayor fired a couple of folks, made a few decisions that needed to be made.

Then, in typical small town fashion, someone dug up some myspace photos from BEFORE her mayorship. Not even all that big a deal.

Arlington's had former drug abusers, former drug dealers, alcoholics, adulterers etc. as its mayor. No one dug up their past.

Small town idiocy at its finest.


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