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February 25, 2008

Barack Obama

Here's what the newspapers have to say today about Barack Obama:

Barack Obama: 'It's certainly not over'
Dallas Morning News - Dallas,TX,USA
By GROMER JEFFERS / The Dallas Morning News COLUMBUS, Ohio – Barack Obama may be ahead in the Democratic race for president, but he still talks like an ...
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Obama talks tough in Ohio
Detroit Free Press - United States
BY KATHLEEN GRAY • FREE PRESS STAFF WRITER • February 25, 2008 TOLEDO -- The first Barack Obama fan arrived at the University of Toledo at 3:45 am Sunday, ...
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Obama insists he's in good hands, yet many still fear for his safety
Seattle Times - United States
By JEFF ZELENY RICK BOWMER / AP Supporters try to get close to Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama during a rally Friday in Corpus Christi, Texas. ...
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In Texas, black voters could be difference for Obama
Dallas Morning News - Dallas,TX,USA
The Dallas Morning News HOUSTON – In his fight for Texas, Barack Obama has a sure-fire weapon that could bring down Hillary Rodham Clinton and ultimately ...
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New Poll Puts Obama Ahead of McCain as Clinton Claims to Be Better ...
(AP Photo) The best political gift of the day for Barack Obama’s campaign has been served up by Iowa’s Des Moines Register, the largest newspaper in the ...
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A Spry Farrakhan Sings Obama's Praises
The Associated Press -
If you look at Barack Obama's audiences and look at the effect of his words, those people are being transformed." Farrakhan compared Obama to the religion's ...
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Clinton searches for the best message against Obama
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
... With her White House prospects in jeopardy, Hillary Rodham Clinton has shifted from one tactic to another in trying to overtake rival Barack Obama. ...
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Obama's the winner in war of words
Arizona Republic - Phoenix,AZ,USA
Hillary Clinton's attack upon Barack Obama for his use of another's words points to what is now clear: Barack Obama's a far better orator than Hillary ...
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Obama's European counterparts
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
By Tracy Wilkinson, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer ROME -- Europe can't get enough of Barack Obama -- just look at a couple of the continent's own elections ...
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Gloves come off as Clinton-Obama showdown looms
The former first lady's hard-charging rival, Barack Obama, has the momentum and the money heading into the battleground states' primaries in just over a ...
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Some European Politicians Emulate Barack Obama
 By sagereader
Europe can’t get enough of Barack Obama — just look at a couple of the continent’s own elections. Walter Veltroni, until this month the mayor of Rome, is casting himself as the Italian Obama as he runs for prime minister of Italy. ...
Think On These Things - http://thinkonthesethings.wordpress.com

Barack Obama as project manager
 By Yusuf Salwati
If you have an opening for project manager or development manager who would you hire, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or John McCain? The three are now competing for one big opening, the president of the United States. ...
IT Project Management - http://itknowledgeexchange.techtarget.com/itproject

Barack Obama criticized over ‘cult-like’ rallies
 By koreanpower999
But for a growing number of Barack Obama sceptics, there is something disturbing about the adulation with which the senator and Democratic presidential frontrunner is greeted as he campaigns for the White House - unnervingly akin to the ...
Koreanpower999's Weblog - http://koreanpower999.wordpress.com

Don’t tell Barack Obama he’s not patriotic.
 By Jeff Mason
LORAIN, Ohio - Democratic US presidential hopeful Barack Obama shot down suggestions at a news conference on Sunday that the Republican Party could paint him as deficient in the area of patriotism - a sensitive charge in the United ...
Tales from the Trail: 2008 - http://blogs.reuters.com/trail08

Kevin Powell Recommends: Tavis Smiley vs. Barack Obama: What in ...
 By Clutch
Boyce Watkins I received alot of mainstream media requests about the situation between Senator Barack Obama and Tavis Smiley. Some interpreted my commentary to imply that I somehow wanted to take sides on this issue. ...
Clutch Magazine - http://clutchmagonline.com/

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