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January 15, 2008


Zestra sounds like a very funny little product. I seem to recall something like Zestra a few years back under another name. Here's the claims about Zestra:

Zestra®, the only women's intimacy product clinically shown to quickly increase female sexual sensation, arousal and pleasure, is the topically applied, non-prescription solution that significantly enhances sexual satisfaction of women and their partners. Recommended by numerous books on women's sexual health, Zestra is the leading women's intimacy product in the United States and is sold at 40,000 retailers. Applied during foreplay, Zestra is the long-awaited breakthrough for the 43 percent women that have problems with desire, arousal and enjoying satisfying sexual experiences. Leading women's health professionals recommend Zestra because it's the only clinically studied product available that effectively addresses female sexual problems. Zestra's patented formula is the result of seven years of research and clinical testing. Specifically designed for the sensitive needs of women, Zestra is hormone-free and does not contain potentially harmful synthetic chemicals or parabens. Parabens, which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency views as disrupters of the body's endocrine system, have been linked to breast cancer, lowered sperm counts and allergic reactions. Zestra is an all-natural formulation of two botanical oils and two extracts, protected by United States and European patents. Zestra in particular helps women who are suffering sexual side effects resulting from menopause, depression, the use of SSRI anti-depressants, a hysterectomy, hormonal changes, diabetes, and aging.

Yes, that sounds like a load of old tosh to me too. How or why is this any better (or worse) than KY jelly? And as it turns out, the secret of Zestra is th same as the secret of Spanish Fly. If causes skin irritation which then leads to greater blood flow: and one of the signs of sexual arousal is greater blood flow to the genitals.

Sexual lubricants enhance sexual pleasure mimicking natural vaginal secretions that reduce friction and provide a pleasurable slippery sensation during intercourse. Since most women secrete less of these lubricating secretions as they age, introducing store-bought lubricants is a valid method enhancing sexual pleasure. Zestra is a sexual lubricant that contains herbal ingredients that have shown to cause a tingling sensation in a woman's  genitalia. Before you plunk down $24.00 for a 6.4 ml (slightly more than 2 teaspoonfuls) supply of Zestra (available as box of nine 0.8 ml per single use packets), we suggest that you try some of the other, less expensive sexual lubricants such as any of the KY products from Johnson & Johnson  or their generic equivalents. These products are available at all local drugstores for prices for 1/10 to 1/20 the price of Zestra.

You'd get exactly the same effect if you added a small (very small) dose of chili powder to that KY jelly.

No, I think we'll put Zestra in the scams and frauds column. But this is interesting:

The former chief executive officer for Zestra Laboratories Inc. , a local company that makes sexual arousal fluid for women, has settled a defamation lawsuit against the product's inventor. Younis Zubchevich filed the lawsuit against the North Charleston company in July, saying that his reputation was damaged, partly because Zestra founder Martin Crosby fired him in front of other employees. Crosby ousted Zubchevich in May, giving him 15 minutes to leave the office building. A uniformed police officer monitored the event. A complaint filed later in Charleston County Court of Common Pleas alleged that Crosby "offered no justification" for the firing. When Zubchevich tried to ask questions, he was told by the police officer "that he would be arrested if he did not vacate the premises immediately," according to the lawsuit. Court records show the suit was settled last month. Terms were not disclosed. Neither party returned calls Friday. Zestra has been widely described as a female version of Viagra. Developed by Crosby, a clinical pharmacist, the company's patented topical "arousal" fluid is made from botanicals. The product is sold in more than 35,000 locations, including drugstores such as Walgreens.

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