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December 19, 2007

Rielle Hunter

Rielle Hunter is apparently pregnant with John Edwards' love child. There, that'll throw some interesting gas on the fire of the Presidential election, won't it? Now this isn't the first time that Rielle Hunter has been linked with John Edwards and it probably won't be the last: but that doesn't actually make any of it true. We are, after all, talking about a story that has broken in the National Enquirer:

Presidential candidate John Edwards is caught up in a love child scandal, a blockbuster ENQUIRER investigation has discovered.

The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively that Rielle Hunter, a woman linked to Edwards in a cheating scandal earlier this year, is more than six months pregnant — and she's told a close confidante that Edwards is the father of her baby!

The ENQUIRER's political bombshell comes just weeks after Edwards emphatically denied having an affair with Rielle, who formerly worked on his campaign and told another close pal that she was romantically involved with the married ex-senator.

The ENQUIRER has now confirmed not only that Rielle is expecting, but that she's gone into hiding with the help of a former aide to Edwards. The visibly pregnant blonde has relocated from the New York area to Chapel Hill, N.C., where she is living in an upscale gated community near political operative Andrew Young, who's been extremely close to Edwards for years and was a key official in his presidential campaign.

And in a bizarre twist, Young — a 41-year-old married man with young children — now claims HE is the father of Rielle's baby! But others are skeptical, wondering if Young's paternity claim is a cover-up to protect Edwards.

That's pretty much it so far: unmarried woman is pregnant and the rumour is that John Edwards is the father. But there have been allegations about Rielle Hunter before:

John Edwards again may be forced to answer questions about Rielle Hunter.   Earlier this year, the National Enquirer had named the woman and claimed that the Democratic presidential candidate had an affair with her in an Oct. 10 story.  The magazine promised a follow up with e-mail proof of the alleged infidelity, but that never materialized.

And how will it actually affect the politics?

The American supermarket tabloid the National Enquirer has dropped a bombshell on the Democratic race for the White House with a story, long rumoured, that John Edwards cheated on his wife who is terminally ill with cancer, and is the father of an unborn love child. The story has been published just as a new poll shows Edwards pulling ahead of his two more high-profile rivals, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, in the state of Iowa where the first caucuses in the 2008 campaign are being held on January 3. The Enquirer names the mother as Rielle Hunter, who was attached to the Edwards campaign for a while when she traveled with the candidate to make videos of his life on the road. The paper says Hunter is six months pregnant and claims that she has told a close confidante that Edwards is the father. The paper says she living in North Carolina in a gated community, a few streets away from one of Edwards's key campaign officials. Recent polls from Iowa have shown the three leading Democrats jostling for position before January 3. Most recently, Obama seemed to be pulling ahead of Clinton with Edwards trailing. But a poll published on Tuesday by InsiderAdvantage shows John Edwards leading the Iowa caucus with 30 per cent, followed by Clinton at 26 per cent and Obama on 24 per cent.

America may well be ready for a female or black President and they've already had a number of philandering ones. But fathers of illegitimate children? Even if the story is untrue, that's still going to do Edwards a lot of damage. About he only thing that could be done is for Edwards and Rielle (and the child) to have DNA testing is one suggestion:

Expect the photos of the visibly-pregnant Hunter to be released in the next few days. The Enquirer usually whips up an audience's appetite before it delivers the goods, i.e., the photos that John Edwards wishes weren't about to grace supermarket check-out lines from coast-to-coast come next week. Meanwhile, until John Edwards submits to DNA testing, expect denials and outrage--what else is there to do?

Edwards supporters are already pooh pooing the story:

Who wasn’t surprised yesterday when Drudge posted a developing story about supposed Edwards-mistress Rielle Hunter being pregnant (even though it was from the National Enquirer)? Who wasn’t then further surprised to see no mention of it on the NE’s site until this morning (though it was re-posted here much of yesterday afternoon) and Drudge’s link not working for more than 12 hours? Hrm. Interesting. OK, agreed, we're not going to take an Enquirer story seriously without corroboration now, are we?

Originally, Rielle Hunter was hired by the Edwards campaign to make a series of short videos about him:

A set of short documentary film "webisodes" made for former Sen. John Edwards prior to his presidential candidacy continues to weave a curious web, this time involving the filmmaker.

The videos, which cost Edwards' One America Committee $114,461, were produced in 2006 by an aspiring actress/producer named Rielle Hunter, who proposed the idea to the senator in a bar in New York City. The objective was to give viewers - and presumably voters - an authentic look at the North Carolinian. But shortly after Edwards declared his White House aspirations, the footage all but disappeared from public view.

But that's it. So far what we've got is a film maker, a politician and the words of a supermarket tabloid. Not a lot, in other words.

Update: it turns out that all of this was in fact true!

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The videos are partially found on Youtube under: Missing Edwards Webisode

There are 4 videos, about 20 minutes total.

After watching them, there is a level of Edwards seeming very smitten with Hunter.

Posted by: Steven R | Dec 20, 2007 1:04:43 AM

Right now Ms. Hunter is being kept under wraps, probably doesn't even have internet access. But, why? What is she ashamed of? An out-of-wedlock baby? It's so stupid of her to be kept locked up by her married lover (right....) in a house just a few streets away.

No way is some wife going to let some knocked-up whore of her husband live a few streets away and take food from HER kid's mouths....it just isn't going to happen. Unless, it's just a temporary cover by an Edward's crony until he's the nominee.

If Edward's get the nomination, then that whore's life (and her baby's) isn't worth a plug nickle. I'd even say that Edward's would do anything to make sure that that baby is not born. Ms. Hunter needs to contact a victims rights attorney right now and get independent legal representation.

Just my opinion.

Posted by: Tim | Dec 25, 2007 3:57:52 PM

The top three Democratic nominees are all jokes and so unworthy of the WH:

Obama - an inexperienced state legislator who has never made a speech that meant anything. An empty vessel.

Edwards - a vindictive money-grubbing trial lawyer who sued doctors over fake cases. His lawyer wife has the audacity to promote socialized medicine as she gets the best private cancer therapy for her medical condition. I'll bet Rielle Hunter gets good care. Hear Edwards has agreed to pick up the tab for the late-term birth (wink, wink!). Rielle, you better wake up soon, honey, and smell the coffee beans.

Clinton - a mean, vindictive, shrill woman that NOBODY trusted when she was first lady. Who does not believe that she drove Vince Foster (her lover) to suicide (or killed him!). If she's SO SMART, then why did she let Bill cheat with Gennifer Flowers for 12 YEARS while in Arkansas? Hillary is an idiot who failed her BAR exam! Yeh, she's a real winner who even McCain could beat!

Posted by: Mary | Jan 6, 2008 3:52:39 AM

The facade of John Edwards hs cracked. She is an attractive lady, and a power hookup [she pursued him or vice versa] The fact that the complication has arose, with a private affair now quite public. Paternity will resolve one question and Andrew Young the father?
Clinton dodged this complication. Hillary's indiscretions are left to supposition. Oh the complications !

Posted by: randall | Aug 8, 2008 10:44:11 PM