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December 14, 2007

Mitchell Report List

The Mitchell Report list of the baseball players who too steroids is now out.

Former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell unveiled the findings of his 20-month investigation into illegal performance-enhancing drugs in major-league baseball and pointed a direct finger Thursday at a star-studded list of players, including some former Cubs and White Sox.

Among the allegations are two shocking incidents involving Chicago players. In one case, Mitchell alleges that former Sox pitcher Scott Schoeneweis received shipments of steroids at U.S. Cellular Field in 2003 and 2004. In another, former Cubs and Sox pitcher Matt Karchner testified that he watched two Cubs teammates inject themselves with steroids in an apartment the three shared and hinted at wide-open discussion of illegal performance-enhancing drugs on the team.

That's not all the Mitchell report found out, either:

George Mitchell Report Names Baseball Players Who Used Steroids, Growth Hormones. Below is the list of players named in Mitchell Report.

Major League Baseball has taken a black eye by being drawn out in the public eye for allowing steroid, human growth hormones (HGH), and other performance enhancing substances to take control of the sport and influence youth sports. The Mitchell Report brings out the worst of the MLB.

Former players, strength coaches, clubhouse employees, and subpoenaed individuals were used to compile the report for former Senate Majority Leader turned Chairman for global law firm DLA Piper, George Mitchell. The investigation and following Mitchell Report were issued by MLB Commissioner Bud Selig to help combat the violations of his sport in 2006.

There's big names on the Mitchell Report's list:

Some of the biggest names in American sport were linked to the illegal use of performance-enhancing drugs following the publication of the highly anticipated Mitchell Report.

Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Andy Pettitte and Miguel Tejada were named on Thursday in the report by Senator George Mitchell which contained the results of a 20-month investigation into the use of drugs in Major League Baseball.

Former United States Senate majority leader Mitchell was appointed by baseball commissioner Bud Selig to examine the sport's involvement in the use of illegal substances such as steroids and Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

Mitchell held a news conference on Thursday afternoon to address the report and discuss the period he referred to as "baseball's steroids era".

And here's the full Mitchell Report list:

Manny Alexander, Chad Allen, Rick Ankiel, David Bell, Mike Bell, Marvin Benard, Gary Bennett, Larry Bigbie, Barry Bonds, Ricky Bones, Kevin Brown, Paul Byrd, Alex Cabrera, Jose Canseco, Mark Carreon, Jason Christiansen, Howie Clark, Roger Clemens, Paxton Crawford, Jack Cust, Brendan Donnelly, Chris Donnels, Lenny Dykstra, Bobby Estalella, Matt Franco, Ryan Franklin, Eric Gagne, Jason Giambi, Jeremy Giambi, Jay Gibbons, Troy Glaus, Juan Gonzalez, Jason Grimsley, Jose Guillen, Jerry Hairston Jr., Darren Holmes, Matt Herges, Phil Hiatt, Glenallen Hill, Todd Hundley, Ryan Jorgensen, Mike Judd, David Justice, Chuck Knoblauch, Tim Laker, Mike Lansing, Paul Lo Duca, Nook Logan, Josias Manzanillo, Gary Matthews Jr., Cody McKay, Kent Mercker, Bart Miadich, Hal Morris, Daniel Naulty, Denny Neagle, Rafael Palmeiro, Jim Parque, Andy Pettitte, Adam Piatt, Tood Pratt, Stephen Randolph, Adam Riggs, Armando Rios, Brian Roberts, John Rocker, F.P. Santangelo, Bernie Santiago, Scott Schoenweis, David Segui, Gary Sheffield, Mike Stanton, Ricky Stone, Miguel Tejada, Ismael Valdez, Mo Vaughn, Randy Velarde, Ron Villone, Fernando Vina, Rondell White, Jeff Williams, Matt Williams, Todd Williams, Steve Woodard, Kevin Young, Gregg Zaun

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Paul Byrd? Where have we heard that name before? Oh, of course, a few hours before he would probably appear in the Game 7 of the ALCS for Cleveland aganst Boston.
Odd that this is only name that escaped the "Mitchell" commission during this critical hour - unless of course you review the ownership masthead of the Boston Red Sox and find George Mitchell listed at number 4.
Ah, just a coincidence.

Posted by: sox fan | Dec 15, 2007 12:54:43 AM