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December 08, 2007

Debra Lafave

Debra Lafave: well, I don't know whether to think that she's very lucky or extremely unlucky. Perhaps we should take the Debra Lafave story in two parts, eh?

Part one is where Debra Lafave is first accused and then convicted of havin sex witha 14 year old boy when she was 23. And, err, a teacher. Yes, Ms. Lafave, as a teacher you are expected to be attracted to children and adolescents, but perhaps not in quite that manner:

Meet Debra Lafave. The 23-year-old Florida teacher is facing a host of felony charges for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old male student. According to investigators, Lafave met the boy at Greco Middle School--where she taught reading--and had sex with him in her classroom, Isuzu SUV, and Tampa-area home. A probable cause affidavit prepared by the Marion County Sheriff's Office details Lafave's alleged involvement with the boy, who was interviewed by cops (as was his cousin, who was present for two of the auto encounters). According to the affidavit--portions of which were redacted by investigators--Lafave told the boy that she was "turned on by the fact that having sexual relations with him was not allowed." Since the incidents occurred in different jurisdictions, Lafave has been named in two separate criminal complaints.

If you look at th photos there she is indeed quite the babe. I would have been delighted to be introduced to the delights of eros by someone like that at the tender age of 14. Heck I'd be delighted to be reminded of them by her at my current not so tender age. But, err, we're not supposed to think like that, are we? It's not so much the sex, it's the teacher bit that grates though.

Debra Lafave sounds childlike in the conversations. She says, "Ewww, you think I'm weird," when he expresses concern about having sex without a condom. When the student tells her she can come over because his mother is out she says, "Promise... pinky promise."

Lafave's husband has filed for divorce. The story became even more sensational when modeling photos of her as an 18-year-old came to light.

Lafave has pleaded not guilty to four felony counts of lewd and lascivious battery and one count of lewd and lascivious exhibition. Each carries a maximum 15-year prison term, but the sentence could be as little as probation, should she be convicted.

Lafave's attorney, John Fitzgibbons, said in court earlier this week that he would file notice of an insanity defense.

Lafave met the teen while she was chaperoning a school field trip.

At the actual trial Debra Lafave ended up with simply probation (who knows, a good lawyer or more to the case than we think?)

Lafave, a Tampa, Florida middle school teacher who made the top ten list of teachers who had sex with their students, pleaded guilty to two counts of lewd and lascivious battery of a 14-year-old male student. After the judge rejected a plea deal arranged by Lafave's lawyers and the prosecutor, the case imploded with the prosecutor dropping all charges.

OK, all this dates back to 2003 and 2004: what's Lafave been up to to get back into the news today?

Debra Lafave was arrested on December 4, 2007, for violating her probation. The violation listed says she talked to a 17-year-old female restaurant coworker on "non-work related issues such as family problems, friends, high school, personal life, boyfriend issues and sexual issues. ... (Lafave) received no permission from the court to have any contact with minors." She was released from jail later that day on her promise to appear in court for a hearing later.

Hmm. That is pretty tough, don't you think? This is where the good luck/bad luck thing ovr Lafave comes in. I think she was lucky to simply get probation first time around (no, a 23 year old man would not have done so for sex with a 14 year old boy or girl) but to go back to jail for simply speaking to someone? That's a touch either harsh, or perhaps unlucky, don't you think?

It would seem that others agree: including the patrons of the restaurant where she worked:

In just one hour Wednesday afternoon, 97 patrons of Danny Boy's Restaurant in Sun City Center signed a petition asking that Debra Lafave return to work.

Lafave quit the restaurant last month while a probation officer investigated whether she had an inappropriate and private conversation with a female co-worker who is a minor.

Ed Leary, 78, one of the organizers of the petition drive, said the group now is trying to figure out where to send the petition. He guessed it would be forwarded to the Florida Attorney General's Office.

Lafave, 27, was arrested Tuesday and charged with violating conditions of her house arrest by having private and sexual conversations with a 17-year-old, a female co-worker at Danny Boy's. Reports show that the two talked about "family problems, friends, high school, personal life, boyfriend issues and sexual issues."

The former middle school English teacher has completed two of her three years on house arrest. In 2005, she pleaded guilty to charges of lewd and lascivious battery for having sex with a 14-year-old student.

Lafave is scheduled to appear before Circuit Judge J. Rogers Padgett on Jan. 7 to answer the new charge.

On Nov. 20, the manager of Danny Boy's got a call from Lafave's probation officer. He told the manager that Lafave no longer would be working there.

On Wednesday, scores of restaurant patrons, mostly senior citizens, joined a "mission" to have Lafave return to work, Leary said.

Above the signatures were the words "Free Debra Lafave," Leary said.

The point is that she cannot have unsupervised contact with minors: although, unless anyone thinks she's a lesbian, not allowing her to talk to a 17 year old co-worker would seem to be the most inane of restrictions.

26-year-old Debra Lafave is the former teacher that is on house arrest for sleeping with a 14-year-old boy in 2004. Debra was arrested recently after having several personal conversations with a 17-year-old girl.

Her probation states she cannot have unsupervised contact with minors. Debra and the girl both worked at the same restaurant in Tampa. They were reportedly talking about boys, gossip and sex.

Last month, Debra's probation officer ordered her to quit and now she works as a receptionist in her mother's hair salon.

Debra's lawyer said she was having a normal conversation with a co-worker and nothing was going on. He said, "It was a workplace friendship — no more, no less."

Debra could face up to 15 years in the clink for violating her probation.

Debra was just having a normal conversation with a co-worker. And that co-worker is nearly 18 (the legal age) and female. Lafave was convicted of sleeping with a boy. Are they even trying to pretend she is now a lesbian harassing girls? Ridiculous. Since when is girl-talk even remotely interesting to men? And she can’t teach anymore, so exactly where could she possibly work where no one under 18 exists? (Don’t answer that perverts!)

And for those who prefer their information in video form, here is how the AP reported Lafave's arrest:

The story of the arrest itself

And a legal analysis of what's likely to happen to Debra Lafave next.

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While I'm normally rather unrelenting when it comes to child exploitation of any kind, this new case is ridiculous. It's obvious from the reactions of the store manager and patrons, that a dilligent effort was made from all parties at her work place to keep the employment arrangement as compliant with the court's wishes as possible. But why was this employment approved by the parole officer to begin with?

Those on parole are normally expected to report employment changes to the parole officer, especially while under house arrest. Since officials in this case were aware of Debra's employment, part of the blame belongs to them. Maybe all of it.

Just about everyone knows that restaurants regularly recruit teenagers to staff their establishments. How does one work side by side with a minor without establishing contact?

Restauraunt employees are expected to communicate and work as a team. Waitresses, hostesses, kitchen employees and management are always communicating with each other in order to expedite hot food and cleanliness expectations of the customer.

This case is a sham, as it would appear at this point that parole officials are either dumber than a rock, unrealistic in their expectations, or simply fell asleep at the wheel.

The Parole Officer could have rejected this employment arrangement altogether, knowing that contact with minors was an unrealistic expectation of this kind of employment. Instead, thousands upon thousands of tax dollars will be spent prosecuting a case where the arrangements were dubious from the start.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

Posted by: Danny ViceDanny | Dec 17, 2007 9:46:03 PM