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November 06, 2007

Pete Doherty on Heroin Again

Pete Doherty's been filmed taking heroin again. Just out of rehab, just days out of it, he's actually caught on camera shooting up.

This past Thursday, Pete Doherty joked to a TV reporter at the MTV Europe Video Music Awards that he was “missing” hard drugs.

On Friday, the junky for life was back on the heroin.

Doperty was either ratted out by a friend or he arranged to have himself videotaped in exchange for cash.

Either way, this is completely disturbing.

I'm not sure that anyone is exactly surprised by this though....anyone care to claim to be so?

The Sun has the full video running online here.

THE Sun today calls for junkie rocker Pete Doherty to be jailed — as we publish shocking footage of him once again injecting heroin.

Just hours after claiming to be drugs free at an awards bash, he was proving that he is as far as ever from kicking his deadly addiction.

After watching our video, Pete's spokesman told us: "He's been a very foolish boy."

And now, after countless ineffective slaps on the wrist for drugs offences, we say that the time has come to lock him up for his own good.

The grim video — shot on a mobile phone and lasting 1min 14secs — shows Doherty crouched on the floor, holding a needle in his mouth.

He stares into the camera, �cooks up� the heroin on a spoon, and fills the syringe.

Here at the TWTE of course we defend the right of Pete Doherty to kill himself in any manner he chooses, to ingest whatever drug he might wish. Even if we do agree that this level of ingestion is likley to do so sooner rather than later.

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All may not be as it seems though. Read the comments under the story.

Posted by: Emily | Nov 6, 2007 12:45:50 PM