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November 06, 2007

Pete Doherty Not On Heroin!

Pete Doherty might, contrary to the previous post, not actually be on heroin again. Or, at least, the proof might not be there that he is.

To recap, the Sun claims that they have video of Pete Doherty shooting up with heroin last Frday, only a few days after he left rehab.

Over at Perez Hilton, things are a little different. People are pointing out that there's no neck tatoo, that he looks very thin in the video while he isn't currently actually very thin.

So, err, could this video have come from some earlier time? And if so, is Pete Doherty about to make a few hundred grand out of The Sun?

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I sincerely hope that this footage turns out to be old, although given the wristband and shirt matching those he wore before the EMA's i doubt it. The reason you can't see the tattoo on his neck is that the clip is immensely grainy, people should realise after this (if it turns out to be authentic) that Pete is beyond salvation, you've let yourself down when everyone was proud of your efforts.

Posted by: joebloggers | Nov 6, 2007 2:04:58 PM

Pete makes good music on or off drugs....cut him a break...it takes a long time to kick it for good. I love you Pete.

You need a very pretty personal assistant like myself.


Posted by: Bilo Lover | Nov 6, 2007 8:44:54 PM