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November 12, 2007

Nancy Shevell

Nancy Shevell is Sir Paul McCartney's new squeeze. Shevell is married and separated and from a wealthy North East family....which is where things get interesting.

First, about Nancy Shevell herself:

Married American millionaireness, Nancy Shevell, who was seen kissing Sir Paul McCartney, does not wear a wedding ring and has confirmed that she is legally separated from her husband of 23 years.


Nancy, 47, confirmed the separation from her wealthy lawyer husband Bruce Blakeman, 52, following the emergence of reports of her dates with the former Beatle including one liaison at a London hotel on the day of his High Court divorce hearing.

Previously known as Nancy Shevell Blakeman, she recently dropped her husband's name and both have been seen without wedding rings.

Something that I didn't already know is that Sir Paul and Nancy Shevell have known each other for many years: she was a friend of his first wife, Linda:

According to a source close to Ms Shevell and her husband, she and Sir Paul have known each other for more than 10 years and she was a friend of his first wife, Linda, who died of breast cancer in 1998.


Ms Shevell was diagnosed with breast cancer the year after Linda and the two women fought the disease together.

The source said: "Nancy was in her late thirties and no one apart from her closest friends and family knew she had cancer."

Then her lawyer husband, Bruce, made an emotional announcement during a political meeting on Long Island, where he was a local councillor.


"Bruce was involved in this campaign to set up a centre of excellence for breast cancer, a clinic called Hewlett House, and he suddenly said: 'My wife has been fighting it for 18 months.'

Most people were shocked because Nancy is a really dynamic person and no one suspected she was seriously ill."

Shevell is also a prominent Republican in New York State and has been appointed to some official positions:

Nancy         Shevell is vice president, Administration, of New England Motor       Freight, Inc. (NEMF) and the Shevell Group of Companies. She is responsible       for accounts receivable,         corporate communications, benefits administration, purchasing of supplies         and equipment, and overall office management.


Ms.       Shevell joined NEMF in 1983 as manager of Administration and advanced       to the post of director of Administration before being named to her present       position in 1986.


She       is co-chairperson of the Arlene Walters Shevell Endowment Scholarship Fund,       a family foundation that provides support for self-help groups for parents       of addicted children and financial support for individuals in accredited       rehabilitation programs, and is active in numerous other       charities and public interest organizations.


Ms.       Shevell holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Arizona       State University, where she majored in transportation and was the recipient       of the Fred Hurley Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Transportation.

That she's a Republican might explain some of the ire that the Huffington Post seems to show towards her:

Paul McCartney's new love was once accused of having ties to the MAFIA through her family.

American beauty Nancy Shevell - seen kissing Macca on a string of intimate dates - has made millions as vice-president of her family's trucking company.

But the firm, New England Motor Freight, was accused by the US government of making Mob pay-offs and linked to one of America's most feared Mafia bosses.

But then trucking in the US has traditionally had such links: no one really knows which bridge Jimmy Hoffa, the ex-leader of the Teamsters Union, is holding up at present, for example.

And just for fun, here's some video of Sir Paul's current wife, Heather Mills, defending his dating Nancy Shevell.

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arianna huffington is just jealous because SHE isn't dating Sir Paul

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