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October 26, 2007


In order to catch a Mel you of course need Melbait:

Some of you who are professionally dabbling in the acts of fishing and hunting might already be familiar with Mel Bait or "melbait"as fishing nerds like to call it. It's quite frankly a revolution in the sports of catching things, especially Mel Gibson. As you might have guessed, Mel Gibson is a very elusive creature. Only a handful of them have been caught in the wild. But all that is gonna change. Thanks to melbait.

There are several variants of baits that were and still are used to catch a Mel. None of them so effective as the Melbait though. It contains all the favourite foodstuffs so liked by Mel: gerber cereal recall, sugar frosted odorless gas, ashes from the long slender cigar, various other ingredients that are kept secret and of course sugar tits. And all this stuff makes the bait really effective. It's guaranteed to catch a Mel in 4.5 seconds! I tried the bait myself on various locations, River of Florence, Russian Mountains, even the Parker County Peach Festival, and let me tell you it worked like a charm! I caught so many Mels I was throwing them out the window.

Interesting the things the internet teaches you, isn't it?

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