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October 26, 2007

Holly Hatcher

Holly Hatcher is yet another teacher who is being prosecuted for having "inappropriate" sexual conduct with one of her pupils. What is actually happening here? We seem to have an epidemic of high school teachers (like this one from Gallatin High School) being arrested on such charges.

Has this always ben going on and we're only worrying about it now? Or is it something that really is becoming more common?

More on Holly Hatcher:

A Gallatin High School teacher has been charged with three counts of statutory rape by an authority figure.


Holly Hatcher left the Sumner County Jail Thursday night after posting a $15,000 bond.


Students said she was hired this year as the new volleyball coach. 


A Sumner County Schools spokesperson did not release any information about the arrest, but confirmed that Hatcher is under investigation.


Hatcher wasn't placed on administrative leave.


She was not arrested at the school.


Police did not release any information about the victim or any details about Hatcher's alleged actions.


"It's definitely surprising, something really negative to hear about and disappointing," said Lauren Groves, a Gallatin High School student.

And, err, no, this has nothing at all to do with Holly Hatcher the author!

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