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October 29, 2007

Decent Plastic Surgeons!

So, what do you think you might want to look for in a plastic surgeon? What's the most important thing about Plastic Surgery ?

OK, let's also limit this a little, by talking not about reconstructive, or to correct some heinous genetic fault, but purely about elective surgery. So what is it that you might think is the most important determinant of where you might want to have such surgery? As The Times says:

Before examining me, the surgeon, Mr Chantarasak, wants to know how long I have been wanting this surgery, why I feel I need it and what else I have done to try to lose weight. At last, I’m having to answer real questions about why I’m here.

After the examination, he says that the only place he can operate is my stomach – and, with just a minimal difference to make, he doesn’t deem it worthwhile. He doesn’t refuse to take my case, but highly recommends that I try exercising first. He is also the first person who asks me to revisit my expectations, explaining that the fat I insist I need removing from my side is what many would call “womanly curves”, and that the kind of flat tummy I’m after is unrealistic.

Hmm, that's interesting, don't you think?

When I leave, I feel confused. I’m relieved to have been told that I don’t need large amounts of fat removed, but I’m almost annoyed that he’s tried to talk me out of it. A small part of me has started to feel as though I do need surgery – or, at least, that I want it.

Yes, I think that's it by Jove. What we'd really like to see about Plastic Surgery is honesty: a little bit of that doctoring, rather than pure slaesmanship.

Could be why the clinic there described, Make Yourself Amazing, is one of the largest such companies in the UK.

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