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October 08, 2007

Britney Spears Breakup

The Britney Spears breakup: has she actually cracked? An excellent piece on the subject of how and why Britney Spears has come to have such problems:

The celebrity of whom Dr Stoppard now officially despairs is, of course, Britney Spears – currently scientifically provable to be the most troubled celebrity on the planet. Spears has been “unstable” – as mental as a frog on a rocking horse – since 2002, when she broke up with her childhood sweetheart, Justin Timberlake, and started “partying”. For those uninitiated into the minutiae of the celebrity lexicon, “partying” has nothing to do with jelly. It usually means something like, “I’ve filled my swimming pool with vodka, I’m pumping antelope tranquillisers through my air-conditioning and I’m having sex with anything that has a face”.

Five years of similarly unhappy and chaotic behaviour later, and Spears is pretty much a ruined woman. Her management company has dumped her, as has – much more devastatingly, I should imagine – her personal hairstylist. She’s failed rehab three times, been done for drink-driving, become fat, shaved off all her hair and seen her failing career become the subject of international derision. Last week she finally lost custody of her two children to her former husband, Kevin Federline. He has been adjudged to be a better parent than her, despite resembling one of the weasels from The Wind in the Willowsand having a debut single whose lyrics included: “I want to see your kitty/ And a little bit of titty.”

The media tone that surrounds Spears’s downfall has been unsavoury, to say the least. The main sentiment seems to be that she has brought all her troubles upon herself, and that there’s nothing wrong that she couldn’t put right with her millions of dollars and a bit of will-power.

Of course, Spears can no more “sort herself out” than a retired circus bear could sort itself out. Being able to sort yourself out suggests that you have some idea of a “normality” to head towards. Spears won’t have a clue. She went to stage school in New York at the age of 8 and started work on The Mickey Mouse Club at 11. When a mere 17 years old, Spears landed the potent single. . .Baby One More Time, which sold nine million copies and made her instantly famous – and in a really bad way. The Spears package was that she was a former child star, now hot Christian virgin in a sexed-up school uniform, ambiguously singing: “Hit me baby one more time.”

Now that’s an incredibly complex series of signals to be fronting – underage virgin/ slut with a penchant for domestic abuse. Especially at 17. And particularly when the signals are not remotely your idea, but are inspired, yet cynical, images constructed by people many decades – and, God bless Britney, IQ points – your senior.

As Tori Amos has said, it looks like Britney needs a mother:

Perhaps the most poignant support, however, comes from Tori Amos. During her Melbourne concert she sang a gorgeous song for Spears: “Britney they set you up/ Is your contract winding up?/You may be a mother/ But you still need a mother.

And Britney's mother does seem to be offering some help:

And Gimme More, is it really true her career is over? Well, it's made the Billboard top 100:

Well, yes, but she's going to "write" (that is, talk to a ghostwriter) her autobiography:
And there's a round up of Britney news from AP:
And finally, apparently Britney thinks she is Princess Diana:
So, err, perhaps she is as mad as a box of frogs then?

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She is one of my favourite singer .. anyway I think she lost a bit in last two/three years... Anycase for me is still one of the best!

Posted by: Ti Piace | Oct 22, 2007 8:00:33 PM