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September 21, 2007

Ronan O'Gara Rumours

So the sports pages are full of the story that the French newspapers have been alleging something or other about Ronan O'Gara. They don't actally say what it is though, which of course makes one reach for Mr. Google. Two Irish blogs, here and here.

No idea whether any of it's true, whether the photos are photoshopped or not, but them's the allegations I reckon. But there is one that could be important (as the ones that are being talked about are not): if that photo is real and was taken before the Australia game, then what is a professional doing getting that bladdered before a match?

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O'Gara is fond of the drink.

Posted by: Twenty Major | Sep 21, 2007 9:39:45 AM

Okay, since one of the links brings people to my blog.I thought I should comment and set the record straight.
Ronan O'Gara and his wife are happily married..this comes from the horses mouth (or rather the horses wifes mouth).The pic of him with the two 'ladies' was taken about two years ago during an evening when the entire team were on a night out celebrating the Ireland win over the English rugby team after England had won the last world cup.He is mildy entertained by the silliness of people who google questions about his personal life..pathetic is how I'd describe it.
And thats it! there is no story.

Posted by: Is it Just me? | Sep 21, 2007 9:59:31 AM