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September 09, 2007

Priorities, Priorities

An interesting juxtaposition of stories here:

Civil servants who complain about their jobs or employers on MySpace, Facebook and other websites face disciplinary action under plans being considered by ministers.

Hundreds of disgruntled staff have gone online to lambast a life of public service as "boring" or "pure hell" and their department as in "chaos" or "a shambolic mess".

Informing the public of the reality of the system is a disciplinary offence (or, in the eyes of Ministers, should be).

Hilary Benn, the Rural Affairs Secretary, made clear however that no official would face disciplinary action.

Cocking up so badly that bureaucratic inaction for four years which leads to a £50 million loss to the farming industry is not and should not be cause for disciplinary action.

It's an interesting set of priorities there, don't you think?

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For press comment in years past about the perennial significance of whistleblowers and New Labour try this for illumination:

"I start from the position that information should no longer remain the exclusive preserve of officialdom," said Dr John Reid last year.

Ho hum.

Posted by: Bob B | Sep 9, 2007 5:41:28 PM