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August 10, 2007

The MOD's Response

Interesting to see how a bureaucracy reacts to intelligent and informed criticism, don't you think?

Sweeping new guidelines barring military personnel from speaking about their service publicly have been quietly introduced by the Ministry of Defence, the Guardian has learned.

Soldiers, sailors and airforce personnel will not be able to blog, take part in surveys, speak in public, post on bulletin boards, play in multi-player computer games or send text messages or photographs without the permission of a superior if the information they use concerns matters of defence.

Following the success of the Tulbahadur Pun VC campaign, largely driven by ARRSE, following the likely success of the Iraqi translators campaign (where the detailed information is again coming from ARRSE), what does the MOD decide to do? Close down ARRSE of course!

Anyone who does post there in future can simply be dismissed as someone disobeying, or disregarding, a superior officer's orders: or at least of not informing them.

Result! No informed critiques of what those valiant desk jockets are doing in their £1,000 chairs.

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That's me buggered then, I'll just have to talk about fuckwits politicians (except, of course, any serving at the MOD) and banks. And I'm probably in breach of the rules for posting this. Still, as they haven't been brought to my attention yet (and are not up on ArmyNet, which is either an 'oversight' or means they have classified them) ...

Posted by: S-E | Aug 10, 2007 10:36:25 AM

As ex-forces myself, I can only agree that soldiers do NOT discuss their 'feelings' outside the ranks while on active service. It is bad for morale.
Believe me, the best way to keep morale up is for them to bitch amongst themselves. It makes them a tighter unit. Allowing outside bitching does the opposite.
On such matters, freedom of speech is a civvie concept they can do without. Once back home, all well and good, but not when ducking the incoming rounds.

Posted by: Anthony North | Aug 10, 2007 3:50:30 PM