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August 17, 2007


This looks like a pretty neat idea.

I think we've all seen that there are a couple of companies out there providing a marketplace in parking spaces? This one, Hoverport, is using the same ability of the web to coordinate actions to deal with car pooling.

We don't have the same rules about multiple occupancy vehicles in some lanes as other countries, but the idea does seem sensible, using a low cost way of getting people in contact with each other so that they can at least discuss, investigate, whether on one or more days a week they could car pool.

Worth having a quick glance at at least: I know nothing about them other than what is on the site and certainly, I don't know if they've got anywhere close to the sort of volume required to make it likely that you will find someone going the same way you are.

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We do have a few places where there are lanes set aside for multi-occ vehicles only. I'm pretty sure there's been a stretch of a road in Leeds so designated for a few years now. And I thin kone or two in London. As pilots for possible rolling out more widely.

Posted by: Jock | Aug 17, 2007 10:26:30 AM