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August 28, 2007

CiF Comment of the Day

A little arch perhaps but fun all the same:

Things are a bit odd for "milk", as the verb in ancient Gk and Lat has a "melg" / "mulg" element, clearly connected with the modern English "milk", but the noun in Anc Gk is "galact-" (whence "galaxy") and the Lat seems to be from the second bit of that - "lact-". Readers will, of course, be able to check the details of this in their copies of Charles Darling Buck's Dictionary of Selected Synonyms in the Principal Indo-European Languages. The info about milk is in sections 5.86-7.

Followed by:

Surely the existence of proto Indo European is almost certain. Do you believe in Colin Renfrew's 'Anatolian hypothesis' re the origin of proto-IE, or the more standard hypotheses identifying this as one of the steppe kurgan cultures?

What is this, the TLS now?

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