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August 13, 2007

Britblog Roundup # 130

Stepping into the breach as I am, these summer hols do make it difficult to keep rotas going, don't they?, I bring you this week's Britblog Roundup, the 130 th so far in our little extravaganza.

The first thing to make note of is the campaign running across a wide variety of blogs, covering the full panoply of political and pro- or anti- war orientations (well, perhaps not the barking moonbat end but still...) about those Iraqis who have worked for and with the British troops in Iraq and are now faced, as we pull back and or out, with being murdered. Dan Hardie is the go to man on this so I'll just direct you to his latest on the subject. One very important note to make. It's not about 91 people, or just translators: all those who aided us and who are danger because they did so should be covered.

While we're on this public service side, telling our rulers what we think, could you go here to something I did elsewhere. Tell Jacqui Smith and her myrmidons what they should do about drugs in this country, they've asked for your input.

Sticking with people I work for, this from Tom Bowman I thought was most amusing. Some people haven't quite grasped the meaning of "indoors" yet, just as the Government cannot understand "private property".

A message to the CBI and industry from Pootergeek: instead of complaining that no one studies science any more and then asking that such studies be subsidized from the tax money, why not just pay scientists more yourselves: you know, apply a little of that free market pixie dust?

Me again (I will stop this and get on to other's nominations in a moment, I assure you): some people just haven't quite understood this blogging lark yet, have they?

So, what would happen if McLaren's boss, Ron Dennis, took over from Alan Sugar on The Apprentice?

Hope for all us wannabe journalists: if you're not, as Rose Hacker isn't, past it at 101 years old then there's still time to polish that prose, eh?

Francis follows up on yet another IT screw up with our money, courtesy of Whitehall. Amazingly, these are the people who are going to put all of our details on a database to "protect" our identities.

So, do the Olympics bring openess to dictatorships, or do they buff their reputations? Liberal England appears to disagree with his Dear Leader on this one.

Harry Hutton opines on Paul Krugman. Much too kind perhaps.

Not directly British, but as both South Africa and the Mugabe regime blame us for what is happening in Zimbabwe, a report from the front line.

An interesting observation on partition indeed. Part of the answer might be that what is now Pakistan didn't think very much about Bangladesh then either, which is why they separated.

So why does the BBC now think that Radio Caroline is just feel good history trivia? Is it because it's no longer a threat?

So just what would a woman want to do if she woke up as a man? No, neither peeing standing up nor enjoying farting make the list.

A breakfast rebellion and quite right too. Once you find out quite how repulsive Dr. Kellogg himself was you'll understand why cereals taste the way they do.

Age vertigo: yes, it happens, and the next stage after this one is to find that it's your schoolfriends' kids who are applying for your old job. After that, the judges start to look young and you're done for.

The interface between feminism and Japanese arts and crafts: the beauty of the objects just about overcomes the theory.

The Gaian Economist makes a good point: whether it's called speculation, or everyone else is doing it, or momentum investing, it's still not all that sensible.

Even English lefty types are becoming unimpressed with Obama. Not that they have a vote, but it's indicative.

A review of Abby Lee's book, Girl With a One Track Mind, from a feminist perspective.

Something that everyone can agree is worthwhile about The City, Simpson's Tavern.

A report on light pollution and the covering of the countryside.

Diamond Geezer reports on the London Triathlon. How things have changed, eh, swimming in the Thames without a stomach pump in sight?

It's the detailed stuff that matters: find out about tree preservation orders and for the initiates, spot the public benefit, private cost problem.

Harking back to an earlier age, or, has society gone to the dogs?

And finally, yes, there's still time for you to help Iain Dale write his next book.

That's it for this week, more next and keep the nominations coming in to britblog AT gmail DOT com. Until later:

Toodle Pip!

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