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July 06, 2007

The AmandaBot

Is there such a thing as an AmandaBot? Or is all of this actually written by Ms. Marcotte? If it is the latter, can we then assume that she doesn't actually read it?

Perlstein graciously offers that conservatives might just be too stupid to understand the relationship between economic stability and freedom, which is nice of him.
While you or I might think it’s really tragic to see that bright young people are sticking to safe career paths instead of venturing into the arts or the non-profit sphere, your average wingnut who gives the stink-eye to college professors, the evils of Hollywood, teacher’s unions, the NEA, or Planned Parenthood probably thinks that it’s fucking wonderful that people are too scared to go into these professions. A dearth of teachers, artists, social workers or bright-eyed policy wonk pups is a good thing by their measures. The rise of fearful conformity in the wake of the dismantling of the middle class is half the reason to dismantle the middle class.

So we've this wave of deliberately induced economic instability, risk of falling out of the middle class (or never getting there) and this puts people off being teachers?

You mean that profession that gets tenure?

You mean that economic instability, the risk of it, is going to put people off taking one of the most stable of all jobs in the United States?

Is Amanda even reading this stuff, let alone writing it?

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Surely it goes without saying that the world would slide into the abyss without a sufficient number of 'bright-eyed policy wonk pups'......?

"Is Amanda even reading this stuff, let alone writing it?"

Sadly, the answer is probably yes.

Posted by: JuliaM | Jul 6, 2007 2:49:44 PM

I don't know what you're getting at - everyone knows that it's completely risk free to set up your own business. That's the easy route.

Posted by: TDK | Jul 6, 2007 3:07:06 PM

Some of the howlers from the comment section,

"Jeric - so lawyers can do some good in the world, right? Protect the weak from the powerful, protect our freedoms through civil actions, defend the innocent from persecution and prosecution, etc, etc."

Lawyers are some of the highest paid people in society. But everything they do is for the public good, right?

"When you sign on with just about any corporate entity out there, you’re pretty much property from that point forwards."

That's right because once a person gets a job he can't quit and work somewhere else.

"Only if we’re able to wipe away the capitalist class."

Yes, because communism and socialism have worked so well.

"One thing however, is that the current voting system is designed to build apathy, and that’s something that should change. If you’re a person in one of these low end jobs, chances are you’re not getting any time off to vote. And you probably live in an area where you’ll have to wait in line for a while to do it. So you need the time off. And if you’re late, you risk being fired, losing any health benefits you have, not to mention the paycheck, which because you were getting paid so low in the first place you’re already behind on your bills."

Where I live the polls are open before and after work hours. My employer doesn't know whether I vote or not. As a matter of fact, I'd be willing to wager that you could find a lawyer in a heart beat that would represent you should your employer give you any grief about exercising your right to vote.

"In our generation we see the spectacle of doctors and lawyers and the like being reduced very clearly to essentially the same social and political place as factory workers and shop clerks–with much higher incomes to be sure, but also very steep liabilities, and in fact no more able to directly control their workplaces or general opportunities than other working folk."

This is ludicrous. Doctors and lawyers in my town are not in the same social place the factory workers are.

Thanks for letting me comment. I'm not sure Amanda would let this out of moderation.

Posted by: jcw | Jul 6, 2007 4:45:49 PM

"I'm not sure Amanda would let this out of moderation."

Heh. There's no doubt about it, jcw. Those kind of sites regard differing opinions the way Dracula regards sunlight.

I always wonder who is stupid enough to read Amanda's blog and take it seriously. Then I read the comments, and I know....

Posted by: JuliaM | Jul 6, 2007 5:58:02 PM

Two Scoops returns.

Posted by: dearieme | Jul 6, 2007 10:51:03 PM