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July 03, 2007

That June Experiment Thing

So, we now have the results from our little experiment at chasing blog traffic.

Yes, by chasing Google like a dog chasing a car with clean hub caps it is indeed possible to raise the traffic coming to a blog.

Numbers went from the 60k-80k visits and 100 k odd page views per month to 180 k and 230 k respectively.

However, not noticeably worth it on any financial level. Google Adsense went up a bit, BlogAds went down, MessageSpace stayed the same.

Unless there's some higher level at which it does all make sense, don't think I would recommend chasing traffic through the search engines in this manner.

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Sure, it may not pay. But just tell me how to get 230,000 visitors.


Tim adds: As above: google whoring!

Posted by: pommygranate | Jul 3, 2007 5:06:49 PM

You're possibly calling it a little too early. I'd expect that your increased traffic comes from a lot of 'blow-ins', a percentage of whom will be likely to convert to loyal readers of the kind you already had. So immediate effect of enlarged readership will tend to be a dilution in quality, but provided there's enough here to produce a level of retention, the number of regular readers should climb, and ad response with them.

That's assuming that 'quality' readers produce a higher ad response rate, of course. No offence to all the readers I've been referring to as a commodity here. (-:

Posted by: John Lettice | Jul 4, 2007 12:27:23 PM