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July 21, 2007

Sir Liam Donaldson


A fat man tells us all not to be fat.

The chief medical officer is not just trying to set an example - he says the job is more stressful now than it was for his predecessors in the Victorian age who had to cope with cholera.

Really? Stress is, as we know, very bad for you. Perhaps you might like to think of another job then?

Sir Liam sees the ban on smoking in public places, which came in this month, as his greatest achievement in almost 10 years in the job.

Even by your own, very fiddled, numbers, the ban on smoking on private property (yes, pubs are private property) will save some thousands of lives a year. Fewer, many fewer, than actually having clean hospitals would save.

...and let's get the cigarette out of Kate Moss's mouth." Although he admits, reluctantly, that he can't ban people smoking at home...

An nice example of the man's monomania, don't you think?

But he thinks cannabis should be reclassified as a more serious Class B drug. "There are concerns about the mental health implications of people who are prone to schizophrenia and other diseases,...

Interesting, don't you think? A clear indication, a statement even, that there needs to be the pre-existing  condition? It isn't that reefer madness claims people, it's that some people, a small subset of the population, have a condition that  pot can make worse.

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