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July 08, 2007

Madonna and Live Earth

Headline in the Telegraph:

Madonna Criticised Over Links to Polluters.

Err, helloo? Of course Madonna has links to polluters. So do we all! Such pollution is part and parcel of the modern world, the modern economy, anyone who participates in the modern economy is so linked.

That's actually the point, the entire problem. If it were in fact possible to say that I'll just wall myself off from this 1%, 3%, 5% of the global economy and thus climate change will stop being a problem, we'd all be overjoyed: but it isn't possible to do or say that.

So the idea that someone living a 21 st century lifestyle has "links to polluters" is not news, it's a statement of the bleedin' obvious.


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Live earth concerts were great and if we all did do somthing it might help, ONLY if China didn't build two power stations per week.

Was it worth it? - not sure


Posted by: Kev | Jul 9, 2007 12:02:17 AM