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July 27, 2007

Catherine Zeta Jones' Tits

Catherine Zeta-Jones gets her cleavage back
Her shoulders are back and her dress is particularly plunging. Perhaps that is why Catherine Zeta-Jones is looking a little more curvaceous in the cleavage department these days.

Front page of the Daily Mail online. Illustrated with this photgraph.


I am sadly unacquainted with the detailed characteristics of Ms. Zeta Jones' embonpoint, but I'm pretty certain she hasn't had them sculpted to resemble Jennifer Anniston.

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I hate, honest, really hate to say this, but maybe, maybe, they were just Friends?


Posted by: ScotsToryB | Jul 27, 2007 6:33:07 PM

Never mind her, what about Ming's?

Posted by: Curly | Jul 28, 2007 1:24:28 AM

Ms Catherine Zeta-Jones is not, as the Mail article claims, "all Hollywood".

In fact, her entirely unexotic origins, upbringing and schooling were based in Swansea, South Wales, where she left "school early without obtaining O levels and went on to attend The Arts Educational Schools in Chiswick for a full-time three year course in musical theatre."

Her developed talents as a star of musical theatre can be judged from this engaging number in the musical Chicago, for which she won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress:

As the Youtube clip shows, the production of the musical Chicago hardly conforms with the familiar traditions of romantic and escapist Hollywood musicals. Chicago is raw, unsentimental and realistic to the point of cynicism about what are often claimed as esteemed American values. Chicago and Ms Zeta-Jones deserve our respect, albeit perhaps for different reasons.

Compare for contrast this clip from the Pinewood movie of the Andrew Lloyd-Webber's musical: Phantom of the Opera:

Btw "Now the longest-running show in Broadway history, Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera has played to over 100 million people in 22 countries in 113 cities around the world since its first performance. The New York production alone has enchanted over 10 million audience members in its over 19-year run."

Posted by: Bob B | Jul 28, 2007 2:49:14 AM

I detect a bit of the Armada in our Cath.

Posted by: Roger Thornhill | Jul 28, 2007 10:20:25 PM