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July 21, 2007

Ave Maria

A new catholic town, Ave Maria, built on the proceeds of the sale of Domino's Pizza. Fair enough, it's his money to do with as he wishes. However:

Concerns include whether schools in Ave Maria will teach children about evolution or only the Catholic Church’s favoured theory of creationism;

I think you'll find that's a different bunch of religious nutters: evolution as the mechanism (if not the inspiration) is accepted Catholic Doctrine. This however shows a much greater lack of understanding:

...the biggest secular temptation will probably prove to be the local ice-cream parlour.

The biggest temptation will be just what it always has been, the evil that resides in mens' souls.

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When I'm told that something is to be traditional, I always wonder at what point they are going to treat "tradition" as having been fixed. The Albigensian Crusade? Mother Teresa?

Posted by: dearieme | Jul 21, 2007 7:26:04 PM