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June 08, 2007

Polly and the Labour Deputy Leadership

Certainly got the bit between her teeth today she has:

Too much money chasing too little property for investment has done it: I got a spam this week asking if I wanted to buy property in Bangalore.

Obviously ludicrous of course. Everyone knows that such a child of privilege would have a place in Tuscany, and who would swap that for Bangalore?

This amuses me:

But in politics keeping what women need at the top of the agenda is a thankless task. The bile of rightwing male commentators makes some women MPs fear sounding feminist. But battle-hardened Harman no longer gives a damn. Check out Ian Dale's blog for epithets: "vacuous bimbo", "Harridan Harperson", "Horrible Harman", and more. Or read Tim Hames's contentless diatribe in the Times: "Oh, no, please! Absolutely anybody but Harriet!" They really, really hate middle-class leftwing women. Benn, born a millionaire, gets none of this. But the right still don't understand women voters. David Cameron's "family values" cash bonus for marriage needs laughing out of court by a Labour party that keeps reminding women what really rescues family life: tax credits, childcare and help on to the housing ladder.

Very definitely some very strong support for Harman there along with a nice dig at Benn. What on earth could be causing such animosity? I think I have it.

Harriet Harman

Harman is a niece of Elizabeth, Countess of Longford

Polly Toynbee: Her descent is as follows: 9th Earl of Carlisle -> Lady Mary Murray md Gilbert A. Murray, Regius Professor of Classics -> Rosalind Murray md (div) Arnold J. Toynbee, historian -> Philip Toynbee, literary critic -> Polly Toynbee,

So, niece of a Countess supported by g-g grandaughter of an Earl.

Hilary Benn is, of course, merely the second son of a Viscount.

Further, the Harman connection is to a title from 1677, the Toynbee one to a title from 1322, revived in 1660.

The Viscountcy dates only from 1942.

Easy to see what's happening here, the ladies are simply ganging up on some unspeakable arriviste.

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"Easy to see what's happening here, the ladies are simply ganging up on some unspeakable arriviste."

Ow. Ow. Ow.

Posted by: Cleanthes | Jun 8, 2007 10:35:21 AM

And the Viscountcy FINISHED in 1963, when Hilary Benn was only 10 years old. So he is at least currently not the second son of a Viscount, and has not been for 40+ years.

Tim adds: Nope, it's in abeyance. His older brother will have to refuse it again upon the (hopefully long delayed) death of his father.

Posted by: sanbikinoraion | Jun 8, 2007 11:49:40 AM

I got a spam this week asking if I wanted to buy property in Bangalore.

Judging by her reaction a couple of years back to a Nigerian spammer, I'm surprised she didn't put down a deposit.

Posted by: Tim Newman | Jun 9, 2007 12:48:19 AM