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June 13, 2007

Neil Clark

Amazing, isn't it?

Since the end of the cold war, Russia has allowed the US to surround it with military bases and, through interference in the electoral process, bring to power governments ready to do its bidding. But the tide is turning. The US's attempt to engineer another "colour-coded" revolution in Belarus backfired spectacularly last year and, buoyed up by oil revenues, an increasingly assertive Russia is challenging the empire's Drang nach Osten. And at last week's G8 summit, President Putin reiterated his support for Serbia and his opposition to Kosovan "independence". Let's hope he keeps his word.

For those who believe the best hope for peace and progress for humankind is the derailing of the US juggernaut, it is imperative that on the issue of Kosovo, the bear makes a stand.

No, I don't think the US is perfect either, but when offered a choice of who to support, a broadly free country supporting self-determination and an authoritarian state regressing into fascism light, Neil Clark supports the latter.

And gets published in that most liberal of newspapers, The Guardian.

Most odd.

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Write down the names of countries that Russia has illegally invaded/attacked since 1990 Tim and then do the same with the US.
Then I think you might get my point.
Best wishes,

Tim adds: Why don't we start in 1917? Much more fun, eh?

Posted by: Neil Clark | Jun 13, 2007 9:51:13 AM

How dare the Guardian publish something that goes against Tim Worstall's characterisation of it. The editor should run each article past Him for approval in future.

Tim adds: What an excellent suggestion. Come on then Alan, what about it?

Posted by: Neil | Jun 13, 2007 9:56:55 AM

One of my jobs today is to put a video of Claire Fox making similar points up on the interweb. I think you'll enjoy that too.

Posted by: James Graham | Jun 13, 2007 10:55:37 AM

"Write down the names of countries that Russia has illegally invaded/attacked since 1990 Tim and then do the same with the US."

Well, Tim, the comment above says it all. I can't actually think of any countries the US has 'illegally invaded/attacked' since 1990. I wonder if Neil can?

Lessee, now:

Iraq I--undertaken with the full mandated approval of the United Nations. Net result: Kuwait liberated.

Balkans--another UN mandate. US involved specifically because other NATO members requested her military muscle, since the former lacked significant force projection capabilities. Net result: warfare ceased.

Iraq II--undertaken with the full mandated approval of the UN. Lest Neil go ballistic on me, I point out that Coalition governments established a cease-fire after Iraq I; we never formalized any peace. Hussein repeatedly violated the terms of the cease-fire; under every recognized international law the Coalition was fully justified in resuming--not 'declaring', not 'initiating', not 'illegally attacking'--Iraq.

We did so. Now, one may take issue with the war's aftermath, but Iraq II in and of itself was simply the denouement of Iraq I, postponed by some 12 years.

I'll eagerly await any actual examples of 'illegal invasions or attacks' from those who think it's best to toss the Balkans back to Russia (God help us)....

Posted by: Eric | Jun 13, 2007 11:17:42 AM

What's the point of going back to 1917? We're in 2007 now and the pertinent question is: which country poses the greater threat to the peace and stability of the world today: the US or Russia?
A simple answer please!

Tim adds: Russia.

Posted by: Neil Clark | Jun 13, 2007 1:54:33 PM

Funnily enough, I read the Minority Group Report for 2007 that Neil refers to in his article.

The authors express deep concern about the status of minority rights in Kosovo, and Neil is correct to bring this to our attention. But only one European state is listed in their top ten list of "states of concern" where minority rights are most threatened around the world - and it isn't Kosovo, or even Serbia.

It's Russia.

Posted by: Mr Eugenides | Jun 13, 2007 2:11:08 PM