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June 30, 2007

L/Cpl Gyanendra Rai

Via Vicki Woods in The Telegraph:

Howe & Co's next campaign is for L/Cpl Gyanendra Rai, who fought and nearly died at Bluff Cove in the Falklands. He was saved by British Army doctors, who grafted skin from a British soldier on to his appalling wounds. He still suffers from his wounds, but gets no pension at all, having been invalided out before he finished his 15 years. Look him up: his story will make you howl.

Read it here.

Howl? With rage, at the idle, spavined fuckwits who rule us, yes.

It's been going on for centuries, Nelson's sailors, the Last of the Light Brigade and Kipling's Tommy Atkins, yes, we know, but aren't we supposed to be progressing, getting better all the time?

As I said some time ago about Private Beharry VC, lucky the country that attracts such men to fight for it, as with Mr. Rai, Mr. Pun VC and the rest of them.

The least we can damn well do is fucking take care of them.

Shits. Deal with it, action this day.

Otherwise you'll find yourself at the business end of a pitchfork one fine day as we peasants revolt.

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I've made some initial enquiries, but unfortunately I can't find anywhere in central Bristol that sells pitchforks.

In the interim I'll be writing to my MP and the Conservative spokesman for Veteran Affairs, but do let me know if you find a supplier of farm implements. Perhaps we can get them wholesale.

Posted by: James Barlow | Jun 30, 2007 7:16:12 PM

I also would like to join Timmys merry band of revolting peasants. No pitchfork I'm afraid, but I do have a gas powered soldering iron. And I know how to use it....

Posted by: Monty | Jun 30, 2007 7:29:21 PM

Do you accept foreign volunteers for the revolution?

Seriously, that is just _low_. I believe we took much better care of the Philippine Scouts (nearest cognate) than that.

Posted by: Tom Kratman | Jul 1, 2007 7:18:43 AM

I can only hang my head in shame at being associated with such a disgusting Government or it's equally disgusting Departments who singularly fail to treat Gurka Soldiers with some degree of decency. If they ( the Government ) won't give thse Soldiers equal right's and recognition why do they employ them, The representatives of the MOD and their digusting cheese-paring minions should be named and shamed and sacked D.Tidey

Posted by: Derek Tidey | Jul 1, 2007 8:06:52 PM