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June 06, 2007

I'm With Fred.com

Or, as it might be known, I'm With Fred Dot Com.

It's over here at imwithfred.com.

Yes, it's the launch pad for Fred Thompson's run at the Republican nomination for the Presidency.

However, at least, according to Google Trends, there's something that his web advisors really ought to do. Like, perhaps get a few blog posts out there, the odd news story, perhaps, even, if they were really being adventurous, something on the web?

For, if you search any of those places, there are, at least until this is indexed, umm, no references to it anywhere on the web.

That might not actually be the very bestest launch of a website called I'm With Fred now, is it?

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You'd be surprised how many people don't get the web or the use of blogs.

Posted by: Marcin Tustin | Jun 6, 2007 2:06:10 PM

Dear Mr. Thompson, I cant tell you how refreshing it is to here the way you speak of America.As a registered republican in mass. since 1978 it has been a long road for me. I feel as though i can hold my head a little bit higher these days,just from the few times i have had the pleasure of listening to the things you have to say. I and my family are behind you all the way.YOU ARE A TRUE AMERICAN> GOD BLESS YOU.

Posted by: mark e. scot | Jun 16, 2007 7:16:47 PM

What I heard on Jay Leno sounded like Fred.com, so it is a fluke that I came to this post. Methinks Fred's friends need to know there can only be one Fred.com and it is tooken. But the Leno interview showed Fred to be really slick; the 10 stooges may find his star power overwhelming.

Posted by: Lach MacDonald | Jun 20, 2007 12:27:59 PM

Develop a response to the question: What about Terri Shiavo in Florida? Where do you stand?
Something like this, maybe?

Governor Jeb Bush gave heart rendering consideration to his responsibilities as Governor of Florida to the unknown potential of the patient. Right or wrong he followed his conscience and, two years later, Floridians elected his Attorney General, Charlie Crist, to be their next Republican governor. Floridians have answered that question for us all -when in the absence of law...follow your conscience. Thank you.

Posted by: Robert E Eldridge | Nov 1, 2007 6:14:21 PM