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May 05, 2007

Paris Hilton Jailed!

Your dose of must have celebrity news is that Paris Hilton has been jailed for 45 days for driving on a suspended licence.

The average Hilton hotel room offers a comfy bed and en suite bathroom. The average room in the women's jail in Lynwood, south Los Angeles, offers a lumpy cot and an en suite, open plan toilet.

For now, Paris Hilton will have to settle for the latter. A judge in Los Angeles yesterday sentenced the hotel heiress, part-time pop star and general celebrity to 45 days in prison for violating the terms of an earlier probation order.

The Guardian goes on to snark that with her experience she might make The Simple Life in Jail. Not all that sure about that. I'm sure that her home made video actually got more viewers than the TV show so perhaps we might end up with som slightly campy lesbo prisoner video? You know, sort of a mix between her greatest hit and Prisoner Cell Block H?

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