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May 15, 2007

One Way to Close the Gender Pay Gap

This idea that fathers should take 6 months paternity leave:

Fathers will be allowed a half share of their partner's year-long maternity leave, the Government said yesterday as it set out new proposals to boost the role of dads.

Under the plan, a woman entitled to 12 months off work after having a baby will be able to go back to work after six months, leaving her husband or boyfriend at home full-time with the child for six months.

Given that most studies now identify the career breaks correlated with having children as the major cause of the gender pay gap (well, when added to the choices madeabout careers as a result of children) this should, if men start taking it up in any large numbers, help to close the gender pay gap.

Which will be lovely of course...except that it will come at a cost, as everything does. Those who do not have children, whether male or female, will continue to not see their careers and earnings suffer as a result of taking these breaks. So the gender pay gap will be replaced by the parental pay gap....just something else for people to moan about.

As some 20 % of women now, and a larger percentage of men (for it has ever been thus that fewer men than women breed in any generation) do not have children these will, even more than now, be those getting the big bucks.

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The Government said yesterday as it set out new proposals to boost the role of dads....

This is the sort of nonsense we've come to expect from this government. The Nanny state becomes the Daddy state. With Brown, who is a fully paid up member of the 'my little lad school of parenting, allied to the we know what's best for you style of government what will be next?

Soon they'll be telling us when to procreate in order to maximise the effectiveness of the time parents can take off as parental leave.

Posted by: Richard Havers | May 15, 2007 9:49:10 AM