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May 06, 2007

Money Making Opportunity

Yes, we all know that these Home Information Packs are going to be a disaster.

The figures from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) also showed that not a single assessor has been officially "accredited".

Accreditation, which includes carrying out Criminal Record Bureau checks on applicants, can take up to four weeks. Critics described the situation as "deeply worrying" and called on the Government to delay the scheme or risk "killing the housing market altogether".

However, there could be a nice little money maker in there for the fleet of foot. The shortage of inspectors will not create a shortage of demand for housing, only of supply. There's thus going to be a frenzy (or rather, could be) as people scramble for those few properties that are on the market. Analagous perhaps to Lawson's phased removal of mortgage interest relief, providing that bubble in 1990 or so. Which was, as you might recall, followed by a crash.

Get in now, flip the place in three months as buyers become ever more frenzied and then sit out the market until the correction in 18 months or so (for as we know, interest rates are going to go up as well).

No, I won't be doing that, would take far more timing and skill than I have so I leave it just as an idea.

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