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May 30, 2007

Jamison Stone and Hogzilla, the Movie

The story of Jamison Stone and his killing the giant boar is of course all over the internet and many, including myself, have noted the connection between his story and that of Hogzilla from a couple of years back.

Including, of course, the interesting posing of Jamison himself, well behind the giant pig, to make it look a great deal larger than it actually was.

One comment on that earlier post did make me think a little about the whole story though. You see, there is a movie in production called "The Legend of Hogzilla". Could the whole Jamison Stone idea simply be some viral marketing for this movie? It's pretty much standard fare, something evil is out in the forest, anguished widower seeks what killed his wife, group of students is out there in the swamps studying, obviously waiting to be killed one by one....glamourous female PhD leading them who will no doubt be the love interest.

OK, so it turns out that the something evil is a giant pig, 800 lbs of sausages on the hoof, but there have been worse (if not less predictable) plots.

I mean, look at the Hogzilla movie site here. Yup, they're looking for investors.

All they need is a few photos, a dead boar of normal size and a gullible AP reporter (not, one has to admit, the most difficult thing to obtain) and they've got free publicity right around the planet.

Am I being too cynical? Is this all co-incidence, or is it one of the most wonderful pieces of viral marketing yet?

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Some sort of remake of Lord Of The Flies, is it, suitably rewritten with an eye to the box office?

Posted by: Not Saussure | May 31, 2007 12:12:18 AM

The pig is real...the pig is as big as they said...you are wrong...the southerners tried to tell you the truth but as usual you are to convinced of your own intelligence to believe anyone from outside the urban jungles...looks like you were had by hmmm yourself...

Posted by: Terry | Jun 2, 2007 7:41:56 PM

so many people say that this boy couldnt shoot the pistol that killed this hog . and i suppose all of you were there to see this theres alot of things that a person can do that other people cant do i believe that this boy killed this hog after all my ex husband was shootin big rifles at the age of 5 so who are yoiu to say ????

Posted by: Mary | Jun 4, 2007 9:22:01 PM

To bad that fat hillbilly boy didnt get eaten by the pig.

Posted by: Tom | Jun 5, 2007 6:37:15 PM

To bad that fat hillbilly boy didnt get eaten by the pig.

Posted by: Tom | Jun 5, 2007 6:37:24 PM

Looks like his little fat ass needs to lay off the sausage.

Posted by: Bob | Jun 5, 2007 9:08:45 PM