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May 07, 2007

BlogAds Survey

As I'm sure regular readers are aware this blog is brought to you, in part, by the munificence of advertisers in the BlogAds network. They help to pay for the carcinogens and mood enhancers that contribute to the sterling reputation for accuracy and openmindedness for which it is famous.

It's that wonderful time of year when you can take a survey, to tell the advertisers what a startlingly good proposition you are to advertise to and thus raise the rate of advertising....and presumably the ingestion of mood enhancers, thus making this site even better.

You can do that by going here:

Please take my blog reader survey!

It'll take 10-12 minutes but I assure you, it's only once a year.

Thank you!

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I get taken to a "you must enable cookies page", which has no instructions for FF. My cookies are enabled and there is no obvious forward link to the survey.
So thats 9 minutes left...

Tim add: Dunno. Seems to work from here

Posted by: matthew | May 4, 2007 11:11:34 PM

Done. A little US-centric and a little too interested in my drinking habits, but 5 spare minutes killed all the same.

Posted by: sortapundit | May 5, 2007 12:42:09 AM

I just hope my life insurer doesn't have access to the results. They caught me out with asking me if I drink whisk(e)y and then Scotch. On top of the nightly red wine and several beers, I drink several whisk(e)ys and Scotches every week.

Posted by: DocBud | May 5, 2007 10:24:01 AM

Doesn't work with Firefox 2.0 either!

Tim adds: Odd, does with mine.

Posted by: Jeff | May 5, 2007 12:23:46 PM

Done and it was a lot longer than 12 minutes, old chap.

Posted by: jameshigham | May 5, 2007 2:41:21 PM

How many £s to the $?

Tim adds: $2 to £1.

Posted by: Christopher | May 5, 2007 4:41:28 PM

Yes, far too interested in my drinking habits. And whether I spend hours on the web looking at pictures.

I wonder what sort of pictures they mean.

Posted by: auntymarianne | May 5, 2007 9:14:08 PM

Sorry Tim, I bailed half way through.

The US context makes a lot of these questions meaningless to me.

Tim adds: No worries. It the aggregate of a few ten thousand readers from different blogs that will make up the numbers for the Ad companies.

Posted by: Forester | May 6, 2007 7:09:50 AM


As others have said, a little US biased, but I did my best.

And why do they have NO decent single malts in their lists?!? ;-D


Posted by: Fahrenheit | May 8, 2007 1:04:12 AM

Glad this crops up only once a year. What a fiddling footling set of questions. Kept wittering on about how often I watched US domestic television or drank their beer. I mean, I know I'm sad for spending so much time reading blogs etc, but I'm not that sad....

Posted by: William Norton | May 8, 2007 10:19:05 AM