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April 26, 2007

Operation Ore

More on Operation Ore, the trap the kiddie porn viewers investigation that appears to have been prosecuting those unfortunate enough to have had their credit card details stolen.

So much about Ore, when examined closely, doesn't quite fit. Cast your mind back to 1999. Most of the UK was on dialup. Actually, that's putting it mildly. An Ofcom report said: "In the UK, less than 1% of the population subscribe to broadband services." (click here and search for "broadband".) About one in 10 people bought stuff online, but the cost of dialup meant three-quarters of people spent only about five hours a week online.

So what is more likely? That in 1999, thousands upon thousands of child porn-seeking Britons were on dialup lines ready and willing to hand over their credit card details to a site in another country? Or that a group of webmasters who had set up a series of sites for money discovered that by using stolen credit cards they could make a mint, without any real penalty?

More here as well.

As this story develops, I believe it will come to be seen as the worst policing scandal in the UK for many years.

He could well be right. What's needed now is a re-examination of all of those cases, yes, even where people accepted a caution. As of now there's the definite stench of a most appalling miscarriage of justice.

Perhaps a few other blowhards would like to start shouting about it too.

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Looks as if "Another Constable" has bitten the dust, and I suspect "Operation Ore" was the reason. From memory, I recall the site owner saying, "I look forward to the day I can be involved in such large-scale operations as Operation Ore..." Well, thank your lucky stars you weren't, Sunshine, because Operation Ore will be the kiss of death for many a promising career. Credit card evidence isn't in and or itself sufficient grounds to secure a conviction. Read, learn and inwardly digest, Mr. Plod. Because Opertion Ore has gone tits up.

Posted by: Andrew Milner | May 2, 2007 7:50:25 AM