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April 22, 2007

An Englishman's Castle.

Not any longer it isn't, your home. There are 266 different legal powers available to force entry. Some eminently sensible (checking for gas leaks) and others not.

Read this new report on the matter. A modest and sensible change is suggeted, too.

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This, combined with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, is quite grim.

Posted by: jameshigham | Apr 22, 2007 11:02:24 AM

I'm sorry to interrupt Bit off topic perhaps but we have a little problem here,.
Basically we are being stitched up.Its rather a long read, but basically,
we've been rather silly. Not helped by traitorous Govt Press and Media distracting us.
The EU is NOT a trade Agreement, the British People have been the subject of a 50 Yr old
Virtual Single Party Social Engineering Lib Lab Con trick.
There is a civil war going on right now ( behind the scenes ).
My Job and I hope yours too is to wake up as many People as you possibly can and get them to do the same.
Any information you find below can be verified elsewhere on the Web,
Please Please help save our country from these Traitors.Get this message out to as many
People as Possible And Implore them, Beg them to do the same.

I really wish this was a wind up but I'm afraid it is not, We are headed for a Dictatorial Communist Style Police State.
Many of our establishment are Ex British Communists or Socialist Sympathisers, Prescott, Straw, Reid, Mandellson Harman..
If anyone researches this please comment on this to let others know that this is no wind up...(bearing in mind there are those in society who want this to happen.)
This country really is being taken apart & stitched up. Here's just a selection of evidence.
These links could dissapear, if anyone knows how to copy these pages to preserve their content and relink this text.
So there you have it, the land our forefathers fought and died for through the age, the land your fathers and grandfathers died for on Normandy's beaches is now actually being given away, you could not make it up. To make matters worse, this process was started not long after WW2 by Wilson.
All of the above can be verifed elsewhere on the Net, do not expect it to appear in the Mainstream Press
or the BBC, they are ALL ( almost ) state controlled.

Other reads...

Sensational Breaking News...The Maddelaine story (and others) are.......errrr..... diversions.
But Parliament hasn't silenced all the Press (yet).



This patriot in Prison Now, ( I wonder why, what was he trying to tell us )



To be Honest Britain and her Independant Sovereignty are FAR too important an Issue to Gamble with
on a Vote but there is a rally linked below.


One thing, we must stay together, the Police and Armed Forces and Courts are not part of this, ( the lower ranks anyway )
They are as Pissed off with Political correctness, stupid targets & poor funding designed to Break Our Society as everyone.
Our troops are being demoralised & culled with lack of equipment, poor pay and living conditions. The Key to this takeover is Subversion, Supression of our Society, culture and history, & Divide and Conquer tactics. We have fewer and fewer real British Industries left, they are working on our Farming industry, Our Police and Armed Services right now.
Britain is being taken apart. Scotish, Welsh Irish Independance,are temporary illusions to Divide and Conquer, includingmass immigration to dilute us out of existance..
Over the coming months we will probably have more Bombs, Diseases and Scares. designed to Break Britains will, Sow doubt Fear & Confusion. and Impose More state Power, Do not be tricked into Riots ( they want to impose a police state ). At the moment We just need to wake the People up.
We must stay togetherr while we wake everyone up.I've spent a long time researching this, As best as I can determine this is correct. I've spoken to Patriotic MP's MEP's (Yes There are still some left ) who are tryig to fight this but they are outnumbered.
I would conclude with my apologies should I eventually turn out to be wrong, But I'm so convinced otherwise I'm not even going to Bother.
One last thing, Put those Scots, Welsh, English Irish & British Flags out, wear that crucifix Eat British, Wear British Buy British..
Trust your instincts. Stay Together.... England Expects Everyman To Do His Duty.

Posted by: Brit Pat | Sep 24, 2007 5:44:37 PM