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March 22, 2007

Useful Word.


In some ways these blogs are to dead tree journalism like early steam locomotives used to be to stationary engines: almost as loud and smelly, but now they run on a network.

Yes, I think that describes around here pretty well. Tim Worstall, proud steamblogger.

(I'm aware that it wasn't meant as a compliment, nor really referring to here either. But I do like the word and the description.)

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Despite your being to the Right of Iain Dale, I think your blog is genuinely interesting. His is not. I almost never read his but I stop by here frequently---and not always to disagree with you. You have also tried to do interesting things with technology, engage with people, and often admit when you are wrong, so you can't claim much of a resemblance to most old media types.

I hereby prohibit you from calling yourself a steamblogger.

Posted by: PooterGeek | Mar 22, 2007 6:31:46 PM