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March 28, 2007

The Crime Plan

So we've got the Great Leader's thoughts on crime now have we? The Magistrate gives his views.

It's impractical and probably illegal.

Well, that settles that then, eh?

The children of prisoners, problem drug users and others at high risk of offending will also face being "actively managed" by social services and youth justice workers.

The highest rates of crime, of addiction, of teenage pregnancy, are in those children consigned to the tender care of the State via care homes. So, in order to reduce the number of crimes, lessen the number addicted and the rate of teenage pregnancy, we're going to put those vulnerable to all three into the care of those who ensure the highest rates of all three.

New technologies are to be used to boost police detection rates while DNA samples are to be taken from any crime suspect who comes into contact with the police.

Crime suspect? You mean not even charged? Let alone convicted?

as are an extension of "summary justice" measures

More punishment without trial. Just what we need in a free society.

The plan is sprinkled with eye-catching initiatives such as MP3 music players that can be accessed only with the owner's fingerprints,

Incentives matter, don't they? So we'll see fingers being taken with the iPods.

such as "hybrid prisons" to treat mentally ill offenders

Err, mental hospitals?

Despite some headlines suggesting the crime plan had been designed to cut the record prison population of 80,000, the 105-page strategy paper talks only of "stabilising sentencing" rather than cutting prisoner numbers.

"This is not an alternative to prison, it is in addition to prison," said Mr Blair before highlighting a renewed drive to focus on the 100,000 prolific "career criminals" responsible for the bulk of crime.

100,000 career criminals responsible for the bulk of crime. 80,000 prison places (many taken by non career criminals). You do the math.

A great plan don't you think? Or, perhaps, The Dear Leader is somewhat deluded?

...the scale of criminal justice reform Mr Blair believes is still needed despite passing 53 law and order bills since he came to power in 1997.

Ah, yes, that'll be it.

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The world of Judge Dredd is being slowly created on Blairstrip One.

Posted by: pl | Mar 28, 2007 9:51:09 AM

"The 'early intervention' approach is part of a package of proposals on security, crime and justice produced by Downing Street which underline the scale of criminal justice reform Mr Blair believes is still needed despite passing 53 law and order bills since he came to power in 1997."

Quite so. I'm fully expecting that the renown paediatricians Professors Sir Roy Meadow and David Southall will be enrolled for this onerous new task now that they are a tad short of other expert assignments:


"March 22 (Bloomberg) -- Ashgar Jilow used to sell stab-proof vests to nightclub bouncers and security guards at his London military surplus store. Now his clients are kids as young as 10 who fear they're going to be knifed at school or on the street.

"'Some of them are so tiny the vests don't even fit under their school uniforms,' said Jilow, 55, who sells about three of the 120-pound ($230) vests a week. 'Parents don't know what to do to keep their kids safe.'

"Every week in London 52 teenagers are victims of knife crime, according to the Metropolitan Police. A child is stabbed to death in Britain every two weeks and knife killings outnumber gun homicides three to one, said Norman Brennan, a police officer and director of the Victims of Crime Trust."

Well done Tony. We really bought into all that stuff about: Tough on crime, tough in the causes of crime.

Posted by: Bob B | Mar 28, 2007 10:07:32 AM

"...the 100,000 prolific "career criminals" responsible for the bulk of crime..."

Misprint? I thought there were about 3 000 career criminals of some competence and about 10 times as many hapless people who just frefer prison?

Posted by: dave heasman | Mar 28, 2007 10:30:44 AM